Speeding-up the processes

Oncode Institute can only impact lives if we bring the knowledge, insights and inventions of our academic researchers to the clinic. The valorization team of Oncode is here to help you achieve that.

Our proactive valorization strategy

Put simply, valorization is the translation of research results into societal and economic benefits. Research results manifest themselves as intellectual assets in the form of people, scientific publications, know-how, data, research tools, biological materials, software and inventions. Effective valorization supports the translation of these intellectual assets via multiple channels for societal and economic benefit.

Oncode's six channels of valorization

While valorization is nothing new in the Dutch scientific world, our specific approach is. Oncode has a proactive valorization strategy, which means we work closely with Oncode Researchers to integrate our valorization services at the very start of their work and stay involved throughout their projects. Since our Valorization Team is able to focus entirely on oncology and has dedicated funding, we will be in a position to build an extensive innovation ecosystem that will benefit our researchers and, ultimately, patients.

Excellence in valorization is a critical component of Oncode Institute’s work. Oncode has the potential to become the pivotal partner in the Dutch oncology ecosystem for efficiently integrating fundamental research with translational and clinical research capacity, policymakers, Dutch and foreign industry, and investors.

Oncode Institute’s valorization objectives are:

  • To accelerate the development of discoveries that will result in more effective and affordable cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • To contribute to making health care more affordable.
  • To create value for the Dutch economy.
  • To attract international investment and research funding.
Angus Livingstone Valorization Director