Opportunities to work with us

As a part of our valorization strategy, Oncode collaborates in many ways. By taking creative approaches, we foster a culture of openness and sharing to translate top notch Dutch science and innovation into social and economic benefits. As a young institute, Oncode advocates a pro-active industry outreach programme aiming to build long term, multi-threaded relationships in which Industry partners are involved in different layers of Oncode Institute.

Oncode's unique model provides quick, comprehensive (one-stop shop) access to resources to grow innovations from basic research labs. With our team of valorization experts we serve as the Dutch incubator for advancing promising cancer research through academic-industry partnerships. These partnerships can take many different shapes: from material transfer to licensing technologies and from collaborative research to consulting agreements.

Next to purely research driven collaborations and interactions, our valorization team and programme managers will establish creative touch points with industry partners through meetings, workshops, and campus visits. Next to that we welcome companies to explore our specialized training programmes, explore talent exchange possibilities and taking up roles in different Oncode advisory boards.

Get in touch with our Valorization Team to explore the opportunities we can interact.