Oncode Oncology Bridge Fund

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About the Fund

At Oncode we enable the translation of discoveries into tangible results for patients and society. To accelerate the translation of our research, we have established the Oncode Oncology Bridge Fund to support the creation and operations of our own spin-off companies, which are based on the excellent science that is performed by our Oncode Researchers.

The Bridge Fund is setup as an investment fund that will provide pre-seed and seed financing to commercially viable enterprises to help them translate research ideas into market ready investment opportunities.

Oncode B.V.

Oncode B.V., incorporated in September 2018, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oncode Institute. Oncode B.V. is responsible for all operations, including sourcing investment opportunities, conducting due diligence, negotiating investment terms and agreements, syndicating investments, monitoring investee performance, managing the investment portfolio, reporting, and realizing divestments. Oncode B.V. is overseen by its Supervisory Board which monitors the implementation of Oncode B.V.’s overall strategy and the general course of affairs related to that strategy. It consists of the same members as the Oncode supervisory board.

Investment Criteria

The Oncode Oncology Bridge Fund is created to provide early-stage financing to support the creation and growth of new enterprises based on excellent science performed in Oncode labs. To optimize the chances of success, we have defined a specific set of criteria to be met. The Bridge Fund will invest in enterprises that:

  • are founded by an Oncode Researcher or developing an Oncode Technology;
  • are operating within the field of oncology;
  • present a commercially viable and eventually self-sustainable business case;
  • have a viable business plan that contains details of products/services, respective markets, sales, and profitability development, thereby establishing ex-ante financial viability;
  • have specified and adequately quantified total financing needs (to reach an Exit/the market); and
  • have a clear and realistic go-to-market or exit strategy.

Our experts are at your disposal to assess, develop and support your ideas in order to match these criteria.

Opportunities to co-invest

At Oncode we understand the importance of cooperation. We are therefore open to co-investments from industry and venture partners. Below you can find different co-investment opportunities.

The bridge fund invests in early stage companies to help them translate research ideas into market ready investment opportunities. We have set up a step-by-step process to move your invention into a fundable business proposal.

Bridge Fund investment procedure

  • In the evaluation phase, the fund managers will perform a quick scan on the proposal to assess the different eligibility criteria. In this phase, the fund managers will perform an independent and thorough assessment of scientific and business aspects of the investment proposition.
  • In the pre-closing and structuring phase a definitive proposal will be put together which includes a term sheet or an investment agreement.
  • The fund managers are then responsible for conducting a legal and financial due diligence to for a discussion with the investment committee of the fund.
  • Once investment terms have been agreed upon that are satisfactory to the fund managers and the investee company, the fund managers prepare an investment proposal and present this to the Investment Advisory Committee.

If successful, the investee company will receive a convertible loan agreement or an investment agreement from Oncode Bridge Fund.

If you’re interested in co-investing in our enterprises, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss this process with you further

Our portfolio companies


Do you need more information? Get in touch with our fund managers of the Bridge Fund, Shobhit Dhawan and Chris De Jonghe.