What is valorization? For Oncode it means the translation of our research into clinical benefit for cancer patients. To optimize our valorization efforts, we select the most appropriate modality for each opportunity. We use a model of six channels of valorization and have dedicated funds for IP protection, technology development, clinical proof-of-concept and seed funding.

Speeding-up the processes
How can we bring effective and affordable technologies to patients faster? Read about this and other concerns in our valorization strategy.
Supporting researchers
Combining scientific knowledge and business acumen, our valorization team helps researchers gain access to funding and start their own company.
Industry opportunities
Industry opportunities
We are always looking for entrepreneurs and companies to build public-private partnerships. Discover new opportunities together with Oncode.
Thijn Brummelkamp Card
Successful partnerships
What do haploid cells, the common cold and certain congenital illnesses have in common? Each one is the focus of a small biotech company started by fundamental researcher Thijn Brummelkamp.
Hidde Boersma