Focus and Approach

Over 800 scientists working under a single strategy. Oncode is all about uniting efforts and bringing focus to research.

Research Strategy
Our research strategy
Learn more about the research strategy that unites our Oncode Researchers and guides our efforts towards a common goal
Novel Tech Theme
Research Theme 1
  • Development of novel technologies
  • Theme leader: Joost Gribnau
Tumor Growth Theme
Research Theme 2
  • Understanding the critical drivers of tumour growth and the causes of resistance.
  • Theme leader: Jan Paul Medema
Perturbations Theme
Research Theme 3
  • Regulation and perturbation of molecular and cellular networks that drive proliferation, differentiation and metastasis
  • Theme leader: Madelon Maurice
Genetic Instability Theme
Research Theme 4
  • Causes and consequences of genetic instability.
  • Theme leader: Geert Kops
Drug Combinations Theme
Research Theme 5
  • Identification of critical drug combinations and biomarkers for personalized cancer treatments.
  • Theme leaders: Wilbert Zwart and Huib Ovaa
Mobilizing Theme
Research Theme 6
  • Mobilizing immune defence
  • Theme leader: Karin de Visser
Founding Principles Card@2X
Our founding principles
We want to understand cancer - but that's only the start. Discover what Oncode stands for in 9 statements.


Ton Rijnders holds a PhD in molecular biology. He joined the Dutch pharmaceutical company Organon in 1986 and moved to the position of Vice President Research in 2003. After the acquisition of Organon by Schering-Plough in 2007, Ton was appointed VP Discovery and Site Head Oss and continued this position after the merger of Merck and Schering-Plough. In 2011 Ton co-founded TI Pharma, a public private partnership in drug discovery, and acted as its Scientific Director. He continued this work after the merger of CTMM and TI Pharma into Lygature in 2016. Ton currently holds the position of General Director at Oncode Institute. By combining individual excellence and collaborative development, Oncode works towards innovative cancer treatments. He uses his experience to bring together the great minds of cancer research in The Netherlands.