Open Science

Oncode supports widespread access to its cutting-edge research and knowledge in order to enable others to use and build on them. It has therefore adopted the principles of open access and FAIR data management. Knowledge translation will be strongly supported in ways including the following:

  • Oncode’s research results will be disseminated to the international research community and the public at large according to the principles of open access, to promote their use, application and impact.
  • The sound management of Oncode’s research data will be enhanced through adoption of the FAIR data principles – namely, data should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. Good data management means facilitating knowledge discovery and innovation and subsequently integrating different data sets and knowledge within Oncode. It therefore includes making data available for reuse by the community after the publication process.

Oncode aspires to create an Open Access environment within and between Oncode institutes, enabling the sharing of biomaterials and data in a seamless way. Oncode is making tools, training and people available, so researchers can make the next step towards Open Science and FAIR Data. As a start, Oncode created an Open Access Publishing policy.

Contact person

Rita Azevedo Programme Manager