Open Science and FAIR Data

Oncode envisions a future of widespread access to its cutting-edge research and expertise, rooted in the belief that research thrives in a community driven by collaboration, knowledge exchange and interaction. Building towards this future, we established the Open Science and FAIR data programme, and an especially dedicated valorization channel, to facilitate and support our community and beyond.

Figure 1 - Open Science facets as a beehive -

The Oncode approach

Open Science

The Dutch government’s policy states that all publicly funded research must be freely available. By the end of 2020, 100% of scientific publications funded with public money have to be published in Open Access (OA) format. Oncode is committed to supporting its researchers reach this goal. This is why we have compiled our Open Access Publishing Policy, describing the different modes of OA for all Oncode researchers. Besides this, we support and encourage publication in preprint servers such as bioRxiv, at all times but especially if OA is initially not possible, and we are monitoring and reporting progress on these matters.

We believe that change is a joint effort. This is why, we are currently identifying ways to support the implementation of processes and infrastructure to make data and (bio)materials findable and shareable within our Oncode research groups. Part of our support consists in organizing training sessions (masterclasses, roadshows and creating resources lists), exploring the posibility of an Oncode-wide subscription model for transfer of internal data, research tools and materials, and in collaboration with the Oncode Valorisation Team we are helping with the implementation of Open Source licences for data software (e.g. Creative Commons for data, MIT, GNU and Apache for software) created by Oncode researchers. Besides this, we are currently working on creating an Oncode Catalogue of available biomaterials and data.

To showcase the benefits and successes of these widespread Open Science practices, such as early sharing of experimental designs and results, we are gathering ambassador stories, telling about their drive, beliefs and experiences.

FAIR data

Creating the possibility to share and reuse data and materials means data management has to be done following the FAIR principles. FAIR stands for making data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. These principles of managing data allow the possibility for it to be open and accessible, and are the foundation of Open Science and of our data stewardship, a step we wish to take next.

For this step, we are organizing awareness sessions on data stewardship, FAIR data and Open Science, and also PoCs and Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) sessions. We are also creating online materials for education and (self) assessment, and we will soon hire a dedicated Oncode Data Stewardship Coordinator.

The team

Change requires community. To achieve our goals, we have gathered together a group of researchers to help, support and advise. With their help and with the support of our entire community, we hope to make Open Science an implicit aspect of Oncode’s entire approach to research.

We also work in a joint effort with the existing data infrastructure networks that we are strongly linked with, such as DTL and Health-RI.

Our current Open Science and FAIR data community team includes:

  • Oncode OSFD ambassadors, that share their vision and experiences:
    Bas van Steensel (NKI), Jeroen de Ridder (UMCU), Monique den Boer (PMC), Geert Kops (Hubrecht), Edwin Cuppen (UMCU)
  • OSFD advisory board including representatives of various Oncode laboratories as well experts, guiding the strategy of the programme:
    Jasmin Bohmer (Oncode, UMCU), Michiel Kleinnijenhuis (Oncode, PMC), Wilbert Zwart and Elzo de Wit (Oncode, NKI), Rob Hooft (DTL, Health-RI), Mariska Bierkens (Health-RI, NKI), Central Oncode data steward, Valorisation team member, Rita Azevedo (Oncode, Lygature, Health-RI), Inga Tharun (Oncode, Lygature, Health-RI).

Please check our resources page for more information, Masterclasses materials, past and future relevant events and links to interviews and stories.

For more information contact

Rita Azevedo Programme Manager
Inga Tharun Programme Manager