Mentoring Programme

Oncode strives to achieve impact, not just scientifically but also personally. The mentoring programme encourages the knowledge and skills of established leaders and supports the next generation of leaders to effectively lead others towards innovation across complex, dynamic organizational settings. Main objectives are cross-pollination, experience and knowledge exchange, community building and the creation of a peer group amongst Oncode’s research community.

The Oncode approach

Oncode provides Junior Investigators with specific interactive sessions, where they can talk about influencing, leadership, team management and work-life balance. During these sessions, they are equipped with practical tools and methods to implement within their labs. In addition, Oncode gives them the opportunity to couple up with a Senior Investigator – outside their institute – to provide them with support and advice.

The mentoring programme for Oncode and CGC Junior Investigators kicked off in 2019 with two full-day mentoring sessions, of which you can read the highlights here and here. In addition, we started the matchmaking process to link Junior Investigators to a Senior Investigator outside their institute.

Contact information

If you have any questions about the mentoring programme, please send us an e-mail.