Infrastructure & Technologies Programme

Oncode stimulates world class oncology research by funding state-of-the-art research equipment & infrastructure across our labs. The programme has a collaborative set-up to make equipment available throughout the community and beyond.

The Oncode approach

To support the Oncode Investigators in expanding the current portfolio of available technologies, Oncode has invited Investigators to submit proposals as a team of more than 4 Investigators:

  1. to set up unique, state-of-the-art, technologies that currently are not available to the Oncode community;
  2. to make unique technologies, currently restricted to one or a few groups, widely available to the Oncode community and beyond.

Eligibility criteria

There are currently no new calls planned within this programme.

The eligibility criteria for the second call were:

  • ≥ 4 support letters by Oncode Investigators for each proposal
  • ≥ 3 partner institutes involved in each proposal

The used selection criteria were

  • uniqueness in the Oncode community;
  • usefulness for multiple Oncode researchers;
  • expected longer-term potential;
  • feasibility

Contact person

Ester Frische Research Manager

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