Our supporting programmes

​Part of Oncode’s research budget is earmarked for targeted research-support programmes. Oncode Investigators will be able to make use of these funds for the purpose of promoting translational and clinical connections and enhancing individual projects and personal development. Funds will not be distributed equally among the OIs but will be allocated to plans that will help to fulfil Oncode’s objectives. Examples of these programmes are listed below.

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Infrastructure & Technologies Programme
We fund state-of-the-art research equipment & infrastructure across our labs. This programme has a collaborative set-up to make equipment available throughout the community and beyond.
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Link to the clinic
The Link to the Clinic programme aims to bridge the gap between researchers, patients and the clinical world, enabling collaboration, learning and the translation of promising research finds into clinical solutions. It consists of the Clinical Proof of Concept fund; the Clinical Workshops series; Affordable Healthcare; and the Patient Engagement programme (in Dutch: In verbinding met patienten).
Open Science
Open Science and FAIR Data
Oncode envisions a future of widespread access to its cutting-edge research and expertise, rooted in the belief that research thrives in a community driven by collaboration, knowledge exchange and interaction. Our Open Science and FAIR data programme provides the means and support to create that.
Drug Repurposing Programme
In order to support researchers in bringing novel therapeutic applications to the patient at affordable costs, Oncode has acquired the next generation Broad Institute Drug Repurposing library. The Drug Repurposing programme enables all Oncode researchers to have access to the library, the technical infrastructure and the expertise that is required to perform (complex) compound screens.
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Training Programme
Oncode Institute strives to inspire a constant flow of knowledge to a new generation of scientists. The main goals of Oncode’s training programme are to grow the innovative potential of our research teams and stimulate them to think ‘outside the box/lab’.
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Mentoring Programme
Oncode strives to achieve impact, not just scientifically but also personally. The mentoring programme encourages the knowledge and skills of established leaders and supports the next generation of leaders to effectively lead others towards innovation across complex, dynamic organizational settings.
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Technology Access
Access to emerging technologies is of great value for Oncode researchers. A team composed of OIs and a business development officer will lead the Technology Access programme.