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Biomedical genomics

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Cancer and hereditary diseases are often the consequence of genetic alterations in non-coding DNA sequences that cause aberrant expression of disease-associated genes. The aim of our group is to understand how non-coding DNA sequences control gene expression in development and disease. We pioneer the development and application of innovative strategies to uncover the three-dimensional folding of DNA inside cells, which facilitates wiring regulatory DNA elements to disease-causing genes and thus enables assigning function to healthy and mutated genomes. Additionally, we develop improved gene sequencing methodologies that better enable the identification of disease-causing mutations in patients in order to facilitate the implementation of personalized disease therapy strategies.

Anna Karina Felder Phd Student
Amin Allahyar Post Doc
Diana Braat Technician
Iwan Vaandrager Phd Student
Konstantinos Sofiadis Post Doc
Leonela Luce Post Doc
Marjon Verstegen Technician
Peter Krijger Post Doc
Ruiqi Han Phd Student
Sjoerd Tjalsma Phd Student
Yike Huang Phd Student
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Wouter de Laat Oncode Investigator

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