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Molecular radiation biology

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Our goal is to define and dissect the molecular circuits of DNA damage repair and their integration in cellular processes. This knowledge is pivotal for identifying molecular targets for designing novel mechanism-based interventions and manipulations of these processes.

We address fundamental mechanistic aspects of the DNA damage response with special attention to DNA repair by homologous recombination, involving BRCA2, RAD51, MRN, and RPA. We study molecular mechanisms by applying and developing (single molecule) biochemical analyses, proteomics, and molecular imaging techniques to identify dynamic molecular interactions that are responsible for the assembly and disassembly of the molecular factories that guard and repair the genome. At the cellular level the DNA damage repair processes in (live) cells are monitored for how they detect DNA damage and proceed to assemble and disassemble the repair machinery using super-resolution techniques to understand the interplay between different DNA damage response pathways and their integration in the physiology of the cell.

Alex Zelensky Post Doc
Charlie Laffeber Technician
Dik van Gent Senior Investigator
Foteini Traikou Phd Student
Gerarda van de Kamp Phd Student
Hanny Odijk Technician
Julie Nonnekens Assistant Professor
Maarten Paul Postdoctoral Researcher
Maayke Kuijten Post Doc
Marjolein Ladan Phd Student
Nicole Verkaik Technician
Paul Ankon Phd Student
Tim Heemskerk Phd Student
Titia Meijer Phd Student
Vincent Gaggioli Phd Student
Yongxin Liang Phd Student
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Roland Kanaar

Roland Kanaar

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