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Mechanism of TGFb signalling

Our Focus

The Ten Dijke group is focused on TGF-β signaling dynamics during cancer progression in both cancer cells and neighbouring stroma, including cancer associated fibroblasts, blood and lymphatic vessels and immune cells. In particular, his laboratory is interested in how TGF-β switches from tumor suppressor at early stages into tumor promoter at late stages; how cancer cells loose the cytostatic response to TGF-β, but use SMAD and non-SMAD signaling pathways to mediate an epithelial to mesenchymal transition, invasion and metastasis of cancer cells. Insights into these mechanisms will be applied to develop therapeutic agents that selectively inhibit the pro-oncogenic effects of TGF-β.

Cancer cells that are treated by chemotherapy or by therapy targeting oncogenic signaling pathways frequently become resistant to therapy by over-activating TGF-β signaling. Thus, combinatorial treatment of such inhibitors with TGF-β inhibitors that target invasion, tumor angiogenesis or its immune suppression will be actively pursued, not only to obtain fundamental new insights, but for translation into the clinic.

Amaya Garcia de Vinuesa Post Doc
Catalina Gomez Puerto Post Doc
Chloé Prunier Post Doc
Chuannan Fan
Dieuwke Marvin Phd Student
Gerardus van der Zon
Heng Seng Sow Phd Student
Jiang Ren Phd Student
Jin Ma Phd Student
Jing Zhang Phd Student
Johannes van Dam Post Doc
Laila Ritsma Post Doc
Maarten van Dinther Technician
Marten Hornsveld Post Doc
Midory Thorikay Technician
Prasanna Iyengar Post Doc
Sharon van Gelderen Technician
Sijia Liu Phd Student
Wan Hua Phd Student
Yongsheng Huang Phd Student
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Peter ten Dijke Oncode Investigator

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