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T cell effector function, post-transcriptional gene regulation, RNA binding proteins

Our Focus

In the past decade it has become appreciated that the immune system is a prime player in anti-tumoral responses. In particular the role of T cells herein was shown to be critical. My lab studies how T cell responses against tumors and infections are generated and maintained. We specifically study the role of post-transcriptional gene regulation herein. To tackle this, we use two model systems. Mouse models allow us to study the fundamental aspects of T cell responses against ongoing infections and tumor challenges. In addition, with our study on tumor-reactive human T cells, we can now translate our findings from model systems to clinically relevant models, and investigate how T cell effector function can be maintained against tumors.

Aurelie Guislain Technician
Anouk Jurgens OIO
Benoit Nicolet OIO
Branka Popovic Post Doc
Iosifina Foskolou Post Doc
Nandhini Kanagasabesan Technician
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Monika Wolkers Oncode Investigator

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