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Proteomics & Chromatin biology

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The development of an adult human being from a single fertilized egg is accompanied by the generation of ~200 functionally distinct cell types. Each of these cell types expresses only a subset of the 20.000 genes that the human genome encodes for. Cell-type specific gene expression patterns thus ensure the generation of hundreds of phenotypes based on a single genotype. Transcription factors play an important role in driving cell-type specific gene expression, but so-called epigenetic modifications of DNA and core histones also regulate changes in gene expression and phenotype during development and during adult life. Our lab is using state-of-the-art quantitative mass-spectrometry based (interaction) proteomics and next generation DNA sequencing technology to decipher (epi)genetic regulation of gene expression in (differentiated) stem cells. Furthermore, we use the same technology to study deregulation of gene expression in cancer.

Cathrin Gräwe Phd Student
Dick Zijlmans Promovendus
Hannah Neikes Phd Student
Irene Santos Barriopedro Post Doc
Jelmer Dijkstra Phd Candidate
Lieke Lamers Technician
Marijke Baltissen Technician
Nelleke Spruijt Post Doc
Pascal Jansen Technician
Suzan Stelloo Post Doc
Velin Sequeira Phd Candidate
Vicky Luna-Velez Post Doc
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Michiel Vermeulen Oncode Investigator

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