Miao-Ping Chien Lab

Single cell technology, quantitative image analysis, cancer stem-like cells, personalized therapy

Our Focus

Single cell technology is suitable to analyze rare, heterogeneous and dynamically changing cells such as cancer stem-like cells (CSCs), but standard cell identification and isolation protocols based on static fluorescence are often not compatible with the reality of cancer research, where we might lack clear genetic markers for cells of interest.
The Chien group develops single cell identification assays based on time-resolved, quantitative measurements of dynamic variables. We create isolation techniques that allow cell selection based on complex, time-varying and multidimensional parameters. We perform single cell next-generation sequencing (NGS) and single cell proteomics on cells of interest to relate phenotypic information to genetic, transcriptomic and proteomic profiles. We develop multidisciplinary tools with a mix of custom-built microscopy, computational and quantitative image analysis, photochemistry, NGS and single cell proteomics to investigate underlying mechanisms of cancer formation and therapy resistance, from which we aim to identify patient-specific therapeutic targets and to search for personalized therapy.

Cecile Beerens Technician
Chi-Hung Hung Phd Student
Chan Li Post Doc
Debby van Steenderen Phd Student
Jelle Storteboom Post Doc
Kate Feller Phd Student
Li You Post Doc
Pin-Rui Su Phd Student
Reza Ghadiri Rad Phd Student
Tsai-Ying Chen Phd Student
Ting-Chung Chou Phd Student
Yasin Begce Technician
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Miao Ping-Chien Oncode Investigator

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