Marvin Tanenbaum Group

Single molecule analysis of gene expression dynamics

Our Focus

The expression level of each gene must be precisely controlled to ensure proper cell fate and function. At the same time, gene expression needs to be very flexible to allow rapid changes in protein levels for cells to adapt to their continuously changing environment. We use live-cell single molecule microscopy, genetic engineering and computational modeling to study molecular mechanisms that underlie precise gene expression control, and we aim to understand how control of gene expression affects important cellular decisions. In addition, we are constantly developing and applying new imaging technologies to push the boundaries of in vivo single molecule analyses to look ever deeper into the life of a mRNA molecule.

Bram Verhagen Phd Student
Dhanushika Ratnayake Post Doc
Deepak Khuperkar Post Doc
Huib Rabouw Post Doc
Iris Bally Phd Student
Ive Logister Technician
Janin Schokolowski Phd Student
Leonie Apperloo Technician
Lucas Bruurs Post Doc
Matthijs Baars Data Scientist
Micha Muller Phd Student
Maximilian Madern Phd Student
Rupa Banerjee Post Doc
Sora Yang Post Doc
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Marvin Tanenbaum Oncode Investigator

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