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Transcriptional repression

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Our lab has a long-standing interest in epigenetic gene regulation dictated by chromatin modifications. Main themes are to study the mechanism of stable inherited transcriptional repression by Polycomb-group (Pc-G) protein complexes, and the effects of deregulation of Pc-G genes on development, Cell cycle control, cancer formation and stem cell maintenance. In addition, we are performing large-scale genetic screens in primary cells and in cancer-predisposed mice to identify cancer-relevant combinations of collaborating oncogenes and tumor-suppressor genes.

Daniëlle Hulsman Technician
Jasper van Genugten Phd Student
Jawahar Kopparam Post Doc
Jitendra Badhai Post Doc
Nick Landman Phd Student
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Maarten van Lohuizen

Maarten van Lohuizen

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Oncode Investigator

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