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Genomics, precision medicine, organoids, immunotherapy

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One of the great challenges is to bring the right drug to the right patient with cancer. Currently, overtreatment resulting in side effects without any benefit is still happening in the majority of patients. The rapidly evolving technologies provide unique opportunities to better select patients. My current research is devoted to bringing precision medicine to patients and is focused on mechanistic studies and identification of biomarkers that predict treatment efficacy. The results from these studies are subsequently translated in clinical studies. These translational approaches are performed across tumor types with emphasis on epithelial tumors.

To better understand why individual patients are sensitive or resistant to a certain treatment we employ tumor organoids either alone or combined with immune cells and large scale sequencing (WGS/RNA). Furthermore, we use a drug rediscovery platform (DRUP) to extend the use of approved drugs outside their labeled indication based on genomics.

Birgit Geurts Phd Student
Iris Mimpen Phd Student
Joris van de Haar Post Doc
Krijn Dijkstra Post Doc
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Luuk Schipper Phd Student
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Xuhui Ma Post Doc
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Emile Voest

Emile Voest

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