Elzo de Wit Group

Chromatin Genomics

Our Focus

The aim of our group is to understand genome function and dynamics. We want to understand the effect of non-coding genetic variation of gene expression. The majority of genetic variants associated with diseases and other traits are found in non-coding parts of the genome. We use high-throughput genomics tools and develop computational methods to identify genetic variants that play a causal role in gene expression.

In addition, we are interested how chromosomes are organized inside the nucleus. Chromosomes are centimeters long molecules that have to be fitted inside a micrometer sized nucleus. The folding of chromosomes is critically important for processes such as gene expression. We use and develop both computational and wet-lab methodology to better understand the interplay between the 3D genome and gene expression.

Hans Teunissen Technician
Luca Braccioli Post Doc
Mikhail Magnitov Phd Student
Michela Maresca Phd Student
Ningqing Liu Post Doc
Robin van der Weide Phd Student
Teun van den Brand Phd Student
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Elzo de Wit Oncode Investigator

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