Daniel Peeper Group

Functional genomics for rational tumor and immune cell combination therapy

Our Focus

The Peeper laboratory develops and uses function-based genomic approaches to better understand the mechanistic principles of cancer progression, and to identify novel therapeutic targets for achieving more durable clinical responses for cancer patients. We have two main strategies.

  • First, we are increasing our understanding of how cancer cells function and particularly how they rewire their signaling networks. This allows for the identification of specific and pharmacologically tractable cancer vulnerabilities.
  • Second, we are manipulating both tumor and immune cells to increase the impact of cancer therapy. This approach, too, should uncover new targets amenable to therapy on both tumor and immune cells.

Our objective is to contribute to the development of combinatorial therapies, which simultaneously eliminate the patients’ tumor cells and harness their immune cells. To maximize these efforts, Daniel Peeper and Christian Blank (a clinician researcher/medical oncologist) have engaged in a partnership to complement their respective basic and clinical expertise, facilitating translation of their laboratory findings (therapeutic targets, prognostic and predictive biomarkers) to the clinic, particularly by initiating trials.

Alex van Vliet Phd Student
Chun-Pu Lin Phd Student
Daniela D'Empaire Altimari Phd Student
David Vredevoogd Phd Student
Georgi Apriamashvili Phd Student
Johanna Veldman Post Doc
Juliana de Carvalho Neme Kenski Phd Student
Nils Visser Post Doc
Sebastiaan Schieven Phd Student
Sofía  Ibáñez Molero Phd Student
Tim Arnoldus Phd Student
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Daniel Peeper Oncode Investigator

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