Anne Rios Group

Cancer, organ development, high resolution 3D imaging, microscopy

Our Focus

Our group develops and utilizes innovative imaging strategies to visualize intact organs, tumors, and organoids in 3D. These methods capture entire tissues down to sub-cellular resolution and can reveal novel and unexpected features of cancer progression.

With our combined expertise in microscopy and developmental biology, we study the dynamic interplay between tumor growth and organ development in pediatric cancer. Advanced imaging is used together with multi-colored lineage tracing to visualize tumor development, invasion into healthy tissue and metastasis. Furthermore, we capture the cellular organization and heterogeneity within the tumor through unbiased data quantification. With these strategies we aim to identify novel therapeutic targets and biomarkers, and ensure better stratification of patient for treatment. In addition, we strive to advance current therapeutic protocols, for instance by optimizing tumor resection through fluorescence guided surgery.

We strongly believe that the impact of our technology extends beyond our own work and are actively making it available to the scientific community by running the Princess Màxima Imaging Center and providing trainings and workshops. Moreover, we developed a 3D-stereo-display that uses 3D-glasses to immerse audiences inside virtual tumors and their associated organs and use it to engage the public into the fight against cancer.

Amber Wezenaar Technician
Ellen Wehrens Scientific Writer
Esmée VanVliet MSc Student
Rijndert Ariese Technician
Heggert Rebel Technician
Hannah Johnson Technician
Florijn Dekkers Post Doc
Maria Alieva Post Doc
Maj-Britt Buchholz MSc Student
Mario Barrera Roman Research Analyst
Michiel Kleinnijenhuis Computational Scientist
Nils Bessler Phd Student
Raphael Collot Phd Student
Sam de Blank Technician
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Anne Rios

Anne Rios

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