Our Groups

We firmly believe in sharing knowledge. From experienced veterans to talented young researchers, we work together in 61 groups.

Reuven Agami
Reuven Agami Group
  • Controlling cancer by RNA
Leila Akkari
Leila Akkari Group
  • Immune cells and macrophages in therapeutically challenging tumors
René Bernards
René Bernards Group
  • Functional Cancer Genetics
Monique den Boer
Monique den Boer Group
  • Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Princess Máxima Center
Jannie Borst
Jannie Borst Group
  • immunity, T cells, dendritic cells, molecular basis
Hans Bos
Hans Bos Group
  • Ras proteins and cancer
UMC Utrecht
Ruben van Boxtel
Ruben van Boxtel Group
  • Cancer etiology, Clonal Evolution, Mutagenesis
Princess Máxima Center
Thijn Brummelkamp
Thijn Brummelkamp Group
  • Experimental biomedical genetics
Sjoerd van der Burg
Sjoerd van der Burg Group
  • Immunotherapy; T-cells; immune regulation; clinical trials
Boudewijn Burgering
Boudewijn Burgering Group
  • Signal transduction and metabolism
UMC Utrecht
Hans Clevers
Hans Clevers Group
  • Adult Stem cells and cancer
Hubrecht Institute
Edwin Cuppen
Edwin Cuppen Group
  • Cancer genetics
UMC Utrecht
Ruud Delwel
Ruud Delwel Group
  • Molecular genetics of AML
Erasmus MC
Sarah Derks
Sarah Derks Group
  • GEA, genome-immunome intreactions, targeted-immunotherapy
Peter ten Dijke
Peter ten Dijke Group
  • Mechanism of TGFb signalling
Jarno Drost
Jarno Drost Group
  • Molecular dissection of childhood solid tumors
Princess Máxima Center
Carl Figdor
Carl Figdor Group
  • Immunotherapy
Lude Franke
Lude Franke Group
  • Functional genomics
Joost Gribnau
Joost Gribnau Group
  • X chromosome inactivation
Erasmus MC
Laura Heitman
Laura Heitman Group
  • GPCR, allosteric modulation, target binding kinetics, small molecules
Leiden University (LACDR)
Jan Hoeijmakers
Jan Hoeijmakers Group
  • DNA repair
Princess Máxima Center
Jos Jonkers
Jos Jonkers Group
  • Mouse models of breast cancer
Roland Kanaar
Roland Kanaar Group
  • Molecular radiation biology
Erasmus MC
Jop Kind
Jop Kind Group
  • Spatiotemporal regulation of genomic function
Hubrecht Institute
Puck Knipscheer
Puck Knipscheer Group
  • Molecular mechanisms and regulation of DNA repair
Hubrecht Institute
Geert Kops
Geert Kops Group
  • Cell division & chromosome segregation
Hubrecht Institute
Wouter de Laat
Wouter de Laat Group
  • Biomedical genomics
Hubrecht Institute
Susanne Lens
Susanne Lens Group
  • Genome instability
UMC Utrecht
Tineke Lenstra
Tineke Lenstra Group
  • Transcription dynamics, single-molecule imaging
Maarten van Lohuizen
Maarten van Lohuizen Group
  • Transcriptional repression
Jurgen Marteijn
Jurgen Marteijn Group
  • Transcription Stress & Genome Stability
Erasmus MC
Madelon Maurice
Madelon Maurice Group
  • Mechanisms of Wnt signaling in stem cells, development and cancer
UMC Utrecht
René Medema
René Medema Group
  • Cell Division and Cancer
Jan Paul Medema
Jan Paul Medema Group
  • Experimental Oncology and Radiobiology
Amsterdam UMC
Huib Ovaa (In Memoriam)
Huib Ovaa Group
  • Chemical biology
Linde Meyaard
Linde Meyaard Group
  • Infection & immunity
UMC Utrecht
Jacques Neefjes
Jacques Neefjes
  • Cell biology and cancer
Sylvie Noordermeer
Sylvie Noordermeer Group
  • DNA damage repair, homologous recombation, BRCA1
Alexander van Oudenaarden
Alexander van Oudenaarden Group
  • Quantitative biology of development & stem cells
Hubrecht Institute
Daniel Peeper
Daniel Peeper Group
  • Functional genomics for rational tumor and immune cell combination therapy
Anastassis Perrakis
Anastassis Perrakis Group
  • Structural Biology, Cell Division, Lysolipid Signalling
Miao Ping-Chien
Miao-Ping Chien Lab
  • Single cell technology, quantitative image analysis, cancer stem-like cells, personalized therapy
Erasmus MC
Jacco van Rheenen
Jacco van Rheenen Group
  • Intravital Microscopy
Jeroen De Ridder
Jeroen De Ridder Group
  • Bioinformatics, Machine learning, Data analytics
UMC Utrecht
Anne Rios
Anne Rios Group
  • Cancer, organ development, high resolution 3D imaging, microscopy
Princess Máxima Center
Rebekka Schneider
Rebekka Schneider Group
  • Hematopoietic stem cells; leukemia; bone marrow failure; myelodysplastic syndrome; myeloproliferative neoplasms; genetic fate tracing; CRISPR-Cas9; scRNA sequencing
Erasmus MC
Ton Schumacher
Ton Schumacher Group
  • Molecular Oncology & Immunology
Titia Sixma
Titia Sixma Group
  • Structural Biology
Hugo Snippert
Hugo Snippert Group
  • Phenotypic heterogeneity in cancer
UMC Utrecht
Bas van Steensel
Bas van Steensel Group
  • Chromatin Genomics
Mario van der Stelt
Mario van der Stelt Group
  • Medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, chemical biology
Leiden University
Marvin Tanenbaum
Marvin Tanenbaum Group
  • Single molecule analysis of gene expression dynamics
Hubrecht Institute
Louis Vermeulen
Louis Vermeulen Group
  • Cancer molecular subtypes, stem cell dynamics, colorectal cancer, microenvironment
Amsterdam UMC
Michiel Vermeulen
Michiel Vermeulen Group
  • Proteomics & Chromatin biology
Radboud University
Wim Vermeulen
Wim Vermeulen Group
  • Nucleotide excision repair
Erasmus MC
Karin de Visser
Karin de Visser Group
  • Inflammation and cancer
Emile Voest
Emile Voest Group
  • Genomics, precision medicine, organoids, immunotherapy
Lodewyk Wessels
Lodewyk Wessels Group
  • Computational Biology
Elzo de Wit
Elzo de Wit Group
  • Chromatin Genomics
Monika Wolkers
Monika Wolkers Group
  • T cell effector function, post-transcriptional gene regulation, RNA binding proteins
Wilbert Zwart
Wilbert Zwart Group
  • Hormone-Associated Cancers