Contact Information
Ziena Abdulrahman Arts-onderzoeker
Alexander Bakker Phd Student
Alberto Bardelli
André Bergman
Alina Boca- Eichner

Alina Boca- Eichner

Alina’s educational background is in psychology (BSc) and occupational health psychology (MSc). Being familiar with statistics and datasets, Alina worked in research assistant and data analysis jobs in both commercial and educational environments. At Oncode, Alina assists the Oncode Valorization Team with all necessary (legal) administrative support by performing data entry and data management tasks. In addition, she is responsible for the prevention officer tasks, given her academic background in psychology.

Alexandra Danyi Phd Student
Agustin Encisco Martinez Post Doc
Florine de Groot Phd Student
Anna Karina Felder Phd Student
Alexander Fish Technology Expert
Nadine Pronk van Montfoort Junior Group Leader
Alberto Gil Jimenez Phd Student
Aurelie Guislain Technician
Annemarie Heijens Scientific Assistant
Aiko Hendrikx Technician
Anaïs J. C. N. van Leeuwen Technician
Annique Claringbould Phd Student
Axel Rosendahl Huber Phd Student
Anneke Kastelein Phd Student
Apfrida Kendek Phd Student
Adva Kochavi Phd Student
Aleksandra Kordek Phd Student
Adrian Logiantara Research Technician
Arianne Brandsma Post Doc
Alba Muniesa Vargas Phd Student
Anna Ostergaard Phd Student
Anthe Janssen Postdoctoral Researcher
Adrien Melquiond Post Doc
Anouk Stolk Technician
Arezo Torang Phd Student
Andriy Volkov Phd Student
Amber Wezenaar Technician
Abdelghani Mazouzi Post Doc
Abhijeet Pataskar Post Doc
Abhishek Sinha Postdoctoral Researcher
Akashdip Singh Phd Student
Akos Gyenis Post Doc
Alain Kummer

Alain Kummer

Alain Kummer is Managing Director of the Oncode Institute since the beginning of September 2020. At Oncode he is primarily responsible for the operational aspects of the Institute (finance, HR, ICT, facilities, and communications), national and international stakeholdership (together with the other board members) and manager of the Research & Community Support team.

Alex Hoogkamer Bioinformatician
Alex Pines Post Doc
Alex van Vliet Phd Student
Alex Zelensky Post Doc
Alexander Duyndam Support Staff
Alexander Kirov Phd Student
Alexander van Oudenaarden Oncode Investigator
Alexander Turkin

Alexander Turkin

Alexander’s educational background is in physics (BSc) and nanoscience (MSc). His growing fascination for biology and medicine led him to pursue a PhD in biophysics at the University of Groningen. Subsequently, he decided to continue his journey in the Life Sciences branch as a Business Consultant. In this role he was helping both academic and industrial parties to obtain funding, establish partnerships, build consortia, do market research and develop commercialisation plans. At Oncode, Alexander intends to leverage this expertise to support Oncode Researchers with company creation, acquiring funding, establishing collaborations and with other valorization strategies, ultimately creating impact for society.

Ali Can Sahillioglu Phd Student
Alice Bolner Phd Student
Allessio Ciurli Phd Candidate
Amanda Andersson-Rolf Post Doc
Amber Liu

Amber Liu

Amber Liu is a Business Developer at Oncode Institute. With a clinical pharmacy background from the University of Toronto, she has taken her patient-centric perspective in scouting for novel innovations in life sciences with high impact potential and supported their commercial development. Prior to Oncode, she developed funding strategies, business cases, conducted market assessments and new business development activities at strategic funding consultancies in The Netherlands. While at a health tech accelerator, her focus was on validating the business case of a given innovation and testing the value proposition with end-users. At Oncode, Amber assists with the translation of research to clinic through qualifying innovations and commercial opportunities, creating and implementing valorization strategies, and fostering stakeholder relations.

Amber van der Zalm Phd Student
Amin Allahyar Post Doc
Ana Krotenberg Phd Student
Ana Moises da Silva Phd Student
Anastassis Perrakis Oncode Investigator
Andrea Arricibita Varea Technician
Andrea Murachelli Post Doc
Andreia Margarido Phd Student
Angela el Hebeishy Phd Student
Angela Helfricht Post Doc
Anja Raams Research assistant/Technician
Anjo van Heijst
Anko de Graaff Microscope Facility Manager
Anna Alemany Arias Post Doc
Anna Gandaglia Research Assistant
Anna Gonzalez  Phd Student
Anna van Oudenaarden Senior Researcher
Anne Rios

Anne Rios

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Anne Schreuder OIO
Anne van der Leun Phd Student
Annemieke Bes-Gennissen Technician
Anne Paulien Drenth Technician
Anniek Zaalberg Phd Student
Anoek Friskes Phd Student
Anouk Jurgens OIO
Antoinette van Weverwijk Post Doc
Anton Venhuizen Phd Student
Antonio Mulero Sanchez Phd Student
Apostolos Menegakis Post Doc
Arianna Fumagalli Post Doc
Arjan Theil Post Doc
Arne Nedergaard Kousholt Post Doc
Arne van Hoeck Post Doc
Arnout Schepers Post Doc
Astrid Bosma Technician
Aurelie Boeree Technician
Aysegul Sapmaz Post Doc
Cecile Beerens Technician
Benthe Doeve Phd Student
Bogac Ercig Post Doc
Berend Gagestein Post Doc
Beatriz Gomez Phd Student
Büşra Göynük Technician
Babette Hoen Phd Student
Bing Liu Postdoctoral Researcher
Bas Molenaar Researcher
Benoit Nicolet OIO
Brent Pedersen Bioinformatician
Bas Pilzecker Post Doc
Branka Popovic Post Doc
Bas de Wolf Phd Student
Bas Ponsioen Post Doc
Bas van Steensel

Bas van Steensel

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Bas Wouters Senior Investigator
Bastiaan van Gerwen Technician
Beau de Bruijn Technician
Bella Banjanin Phd Student
Ben Feringa
Bianca-Olivia Nita

Bianca-Olivia Nita

Bianca van Tol Phd Student
Birol Cabukusta Post Doc
Bjorn van Doodewaerd Technician
Bo-Tao Xin Post Doc
Boudewijn Burgering

Boudewijn Burgering

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Bram Thijssen Phd Student
Bram Verhagen Phd Student
Brett Sharp

Brett Sharp

Buys De Barbanson Phd Student
Charelle Boot Technician
Christian Bull Post Doc
Claudia Burrello Post Doc
Clara Elbers Research Manager
Camilla Calandrini Phd Student
Chiara Cattaeno Phd Student
Carlota Davo Martinez Phd Student
Chantal Duurland Post Doc
Lien van der Minne Lab Manager
Clare Isacke
Camilla Labrie Technician
Chao Li Phd Student
Ciro Longobardi Phd Student
Christine Moene Phd Student
Chris Oudmaijer Arts-onderzoeker
Christel Ramirez Phd Student
Caitlin Reichert Technician
Christina Stangl Phd Student
Carlos Urzua Scientific Researcher
Cas van der Horst Research Technician
Claire Vennin Post Doc
Carlo Vermeulen Phd Candidate
Cami Talavera Ormeño Technician
Camille le Gall Phd Student
Can Gülersönmez Post Doc
Cansu Tekin Phd Student
Carl Figdor

Carl Figdor

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Carlos Sacristan Lopez Post Doc
Cathrin Gräwe Phd Student
Catrin Lutz MSc Student
Cayetano Pleguezuelos Phd Student
Cesca van de Ven Post Doc
Chan Li Post Doc
Charlie Laffeber Technician
Chenlin Feng Phd Candidate
Chiara Brambillasca Phd Student
Chloé Baron Phd Student
Christ Leemans Phd Student
Christina Gontan Post Doc
Christoph Geisenberger Post Doc
Chuannan Fan Post Doc
Chun-Pu Lin Phd Student
Claudia Erpelinck Technician
Colette ten Hove

Colette ten Hove

Colinda Scheele Phd Student
Cora Koehorst

Cora Koehorst

Cora is an experienced management support professional with a background in education and healthcare. She is a PA for the management and responsible for the Oncode office management and support of the Programme Managers.

Corina Markodimitraki Phd Student
Cun Wang Post Doc
Cynthia Waasdorp Technician
Danique Ammerlaan Research Assistant
Daniela Annibali Senior Post Doc
Dilara Ayyildiz Post Doc (bioinformatician)
Douwe Bosma Phd Candidate
Diana Braat Technician
Daniela D'Empaire Altimari Phd Student
Delilah Hendriks Post Doc
Dorine Hintzen Phd Student
Daphne Kaldenbach Research Technician
Daan Kloosterman Phd Student
Daniel Krueger Post Doc
Dimitrios Laskaris Phd Student
Diana Llerena Schiffmacher Phd Student
Domenica Lovecchio Phd Student
Daniel Miedema Post Doc
Diego Montiel Gonzalez Bioinformatician
Daniel Warmerdam Senior Scientist
Dhanushika Ratnayake Post Doc
Daan van der Es Assistant Professor
Daan van der Vliet Phd Student
Debby van Steenderen Phd Student
Derek Waddell
Demi Wernaart Phd Student
Dick Zijlmans Promovendus
Dani Bodor Post Doc
Daniel Peeper Oncode Investigator
Daniel Vis Post Doc
Daniel Zingg Post Doc
Daniela Thommen Post Doc
Danielle Bianchi Phd Student
Daniëlle Hulsman Technician
Danique Duits Phd Student
Danny Burg
Daphne van Elsland Post Doc
Dario Zimmerli Post Doc
David Baker Associate Professor
David Huels Post Doc
David Livingston
David Pérez Beroccal Phd Student
David Vredevoogd Phd Student
Deepak Khuperkar Post Doc
Desiree Hoving
Despina Xanthakis Technician
Dharjath Shahul Hameed Phd Student
Di Zhou Phd Student
Diana Putavet OIO
Dieuwke Marvin Post Doc
Dik van Gent Senior Investigator
Dylan de Vries Phd Student
Ellen Boele Technician
Emma Boertjes Phd Student
Emma Bos Technician
Evert de Vries Advisor
Liesbeth de Vries
Ewa Frazer Research Technician
Elselien Frijlink Phd Student
Emilia Grad Technician
Ellen Wehrens Scientific Writer
Esmée VanVliet MSc Student
Eloïse van Kwawegen Technician
Dorien Pastoors Phd Student
Elena Reckzeh Post Doc
Ellen Schrama Technician
Esther ter Linden Phd Student
Eva van Oosten BSc Student
Els Verdegaal Assistant Professor
Emira Visser Phd Student
Emile Voest

Emile Voest

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Evelyne Wassenaar Research Technician
Emmy Wesdorp Phd Candidate
Eduard Klasen
Edvard Beem
Edwin Cuppen Oncode Investigator
Edwin Stigter Metabolomics Facility Manager
Eline Bertrums Phd Student
Eline Elshof Technician
Eline van der Burg Technician
Elize Brolsma

Elize Brolsma

Elize is part of Oncode’s communication team. She has over 10 years of experience in the com-munication industry, both for commercial and non-profit organisations. After obtaining her bache-lor and master degree in communication at Utrecht University, Elize worked as a communication professional at a research institute, PR agency, law firm and internet company. She has a strong focus on external communications and Public Relations. At Oncode - together with her colleagues - Elize produces the monthly newsletters for Oncode Investigators & Researchers and the Oncode digital magazine. She publishes content for the Oncode website and is responsible for all social media channels. She enjoys discussing science with researchers and support them in their outreach.

Ellen Hulskotte
Ellen Kaan Phd Student
Ellen Wientjens Technician
Elma Mons Phd Student
Else Driehuis Phd Student
Elzo de Wit Oncode Investigator
Emanuela Lonardi

Emanuela Lonardi

Emil Pot

Emil Pot


With an educational background in law, Emil has gained over 25 years of experience as a patent attorney and business developer. In his capacity as business development manager at the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) he drafted and negotiated licensing, R&D and IP agreements and helped creating two start-up companies. He joined ActoGeniX as general counsel and was responsible for all business development, legal and IP matters. The company raised a total of €45MM in three consecutive financing rounds. Emil is a registered patent attorney, does business development for NLO and acts as CEO of Allero Therapeutics. At Oncode Emil helps to translate fundamental research to the market by developing and executing IP strategies, advising and assisting in company creation and building and maintaining stakeholder relations.

Emilia Pulver Phd Student
Emine Ali Post Doc
Eric van Dinther Technician
Erica van Wuijtswinkel
Ester Frische

Ester Frische

Ester is a biomedical scientist by training with experience in both an academic and a biotech environment. She obtained her PhD in the lab of Hans Bos at the UMC Utrecht. She studied signalling routes in cancer biology and continued this line of research at Galapagos in Leiden. In 2010 Ester moved into scientific project management and is managing director of since 2015. She has been involved with Oncode Institute since its early days and supported the founders in developing the scientific strategy. In her current role as Programme Manager, Ester supports the Scientific Director and Research Management Committee and is responsible for all programmes directly related to supporting research and the link to the clinic. This includes managing dedicated funds for clinical proof of concept projects and large equipment and technology applications.

Eva Schut Technician
Eveline Rentmeester Technician
Evelyn Hanemaaijer Phd Student
Evelyne Beerling Technician
Oncode Events
Evert Bosdriesz Post Doc
Ewald van Dijk Post Doc
Ewart Kuijk Post Doc
Ewout Steyerberg
Ezequiel Miron Sardiello Post Doc
Franziska Böttger Post Doc
Francesca D'Amico Phd Student
Fatima De la Jara Ortiz MSc Student
Ferry Eskens
Iosifina Foskolou Post Doc
Frank Bos Post Doc
Felix Leufkens BSc Student
Freek Manders Phd Student
Francisco Morales-Rodriguez Post Doc
Floor Stevens Post Doc
Foteini Traikou Phd Student
Floris van den Brekel Technician
Farid El Oualid Senior Post Doc
Féline Dijkgraaf Phd Student
Felix van der Krift OIO
Femke Hormann Phd Student
Fernando Salgado-Polo Phd Student
Flavia Peci Phd Student
Fleur Jochems Phd Student
Francis Blokzijl Phd Student
Frank Rolfs Post Doc
Franka Rang Phd Student
Fried Zwartkruis Associate Professor
Guillaume Belthier Post Doc
Giulia De Conti Post Doc
Guizela Huelsz Prince Post Doc
Gert-Jan Kuijntjes Phd Student
Gerarda van de Kamp Phd Student
Gabriëlle van Tilburg Phd Student
Gaurav Pandey Post Doc
Geert Kops Oncode Investigator
Georgi Apriamashvili Phd Student
Gerardus van der Zon Technician
Gerbrand van der Heden - van Noort Post Doc
Gergana Bounova Post Doc
Gian-Luca McClelland Post Doc
Glenn van Wigcheren Phd Student
Hajar Aglmous-Talibi Research Technician
Harm Brugge Phd Student
Rijndert Ariese Technician
Heggert Rebel Technician
Hannah Johnson Technician
Hendrik Messal Post Doc
Hannah Neikes Phd Student
Heta Patel Phd Student
Huub Sijben Phd Student
Hanneke van der Wijngaart Phd Student
Hedwich Vlieg Postdoctoral Researcher
Harm-Jan Westra Postdoctoral Researcher
Haiqiu Wu Phd Student
Hannah Garner Post Doc
Hanneke van der Gulden Technician
Hannes Lans Assistant Professor
Hanny Odijk Technician
Hans Bos

Hans Bos

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Hans Clevers

Hans Clevers

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Hans Rodermond Technician
Hans Teunissen Technician
Hans Van Leeuwen
Hans Wienk Project Manager
Haojie Jin Post Doc
HarmJan Vos Senior Scientist
Harry Begthel Lab Assistant
Hegias Mira-Bontenbal Post Doc
Helen von Richthofen Phd Student
Helena Viñas Gaza Phd Student
Helene Gleitz Post Doc
Henk Verheul
Hester van Willigenburg OIO
Hidde Boersma
Hugo Snippert Oncode Investigator
Huib Ovaa (In Memoriam)

Huib Ovaa (In Memoriam)

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Huib Rabouw Post Doc
Ineke Brouwer Post Doc
Ida de Vries Phd Student
Ivan Dikic
Irene Paassen Phd Student
Irene Salas Armenteros Post Doc
Inga Tharun

Inga Tharun

Inga has a background in biochemistry and acceleration of health innovation. She obtained her PhD from the TU Eindhoven after studying the effects of estrogen-receptor post-translational modifications on protein-protein interactions. Since then she gained many years of experience in accelerating health innovation by managing public private partnerships, advising the Dutch minister of Health on innovation policy and as program manager for the Personal Health Train. Since 2020, she is responsible for the Oncode Open Science program. Inga: “I am honored to lead the Oncode Open Science program since: Open science is the act of taking responsibility of scientists to return insights into society. This strongly aligns with my personal motivation and is right at the heart of the Oncode ambition: Outsmarting cancer.”

Iwan Vaandrager Phd Student
Inge van Outersterp Phd Student
Irene van der Haar Technician
Inge Verbrugge Senior Scientist
Ian Bell

Ian Bell


With a background in molecular biology, Ian is an experienced business developer. He has spent 20 years in academic technology transfer at the University of Calgary and University of British Columbia, Canadian provincial and federal governments, industry and as an independent consultant. At Oncode Ian uses his extensive expertise to assess and commercialize life science inventions such as novel therapeutics, antibodies, diagnostics and molecular biology tools; develop IP protection strategies; market and negotiate valorization agreements; create companies and build and maintain academic-industry and stakeholder relations.

Ies Nijman Manager Sequencing Facility
Ilana Berlin Assistant Professor
Ilse Dingjan Phd Student
Inês Ramos Post Doc
Inge Snoeren Research Technician
Ingrid Boeree
Ingrid Jordens Post Doc
Ingrid van der Heijden Technician
Ingrid Verlaan Technician
Irene Santos Barriopedro Post Doc
Irene van Dijken Phd Student
Iris Bally Phd Student
Iris van de Sandt Phd Student
Isabel Guerreiro Post Doc
Isabel Mayayo Peralta Phd Student
Ivar van Galen Phd Student
Ive Logister Technician
Jackie A. M. Dekens Researcher
Joëlle Baars Post Doc
Jitske Bak Phd Student
Jannie Borst

Jannie Borst

Oncode Investigator

Get In Touch:

Oncode Investigator
Joris Bos Phd Student
Jeremie Breda Post Doc
Juliane Buhl Post Doc
Julia Busselaar Phd Student
Joanna Wolthuis Phd Student
Joana Carvalho Moreira de Mello Researcher
Jurrian de Kanter Phd Student
Jeff Demartino Phd Student
Jeroen De Ridder

Jeroen De Ridder

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Jarno Drost Oncode Investigator
Johanna Erbani Post Doc
Florijn Dekkers Post Doc
Jiayou He Phd Student
Vanessa van Ham Technician
Jelena Medic Research Assistant
Jos Meeussen Phd Student
Jim Middelburg Phd Student
Jasper Sanders Phd Student
Jurian Schuijers Investigator
Joseph Siefert Post Doc
Jelle Storteboom Post Doc
Jolanta Szkodon Bioinformatician
Josep Tabernero
Jeremy Tessier Technician
Joske Ubels Phd Student
Joske Ubels Post Doc
Joanna von Berg Phd Student
Jacco van Rheenen Oncode Investigator
Jacqueline Staring

Jacqueline Staring

After her study of Biomedical Sciences at Utrecht University, Jacqueline finished her PhD in virology and functional genetics at the Netherlands cancer institute. She then moved to Denmark to do a postdoc in ancient pathogens and genomics at the University of Copenhagen. At Oncode, Jacqueline is working on the technology focussed programmes such as the Drug Repurposing, Equipment & Infrastructure, and Technology Access programmes. She also likes to engage the younger Oncode community and is therefore for instance co-organizing the Oncode postdoc retreats.

Jacques Neefjes

Jacques Neefjes

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Jake Yeung Post Doc
Jan Hoeijmakers

Jan Hoeijmakers

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Jan Schellens
Janneke Duijster Phd Student
Jan Paul Medema Oncode Investigator
Jara Bouma Phd Candidate
Jasmin Post Phd Student
Jasper van Genugten Phd Student
Jawahar Kopparam Post Doc
Jeanine Roodhart Clinician Scientist
Jeffrey Boeren MSc Student
Jelle de Vries Technician
Jelmer Dijkstra Phd Candidate
Jelte van de Vaart Post Doc
Jens Puschhof Phd Student
Jeroen Bugter OIO
Jeroen Creemers Phd Student
Jeroen Essers Senior Researcher
Jeroen Kneppers Phd Student
Jeroen Lohuis Phd Student
Jessica Morgner Post Doc
Jessica Pritchard Phd Student
Jiang Chang Phd Student
Jianhui Sun Phd Student
Jimmy Akkermans Technician
Jin Gan Phd Student
Jing Zhang Phd Student
Jingchao Wu Post Doc
Jinhyuk Bhin Post Doc
Jitendra Badhai Post Doc
Joachim Boers MSc Student
Joan de Jong Technician
Joana Fernandes Phd Student
Joao Neto Phd Student
Joe Verity-Legg Phd Student
Joep Sprangers OIO
Johan van de Gronden
Johan Van Es Research Associate
Johannes van Dam Post Doc
Jonne Raaijmakers Post Doc
Joost Gribnau

Joost Gribnau

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Joost Koedam Assistant Professor
Jop Kind Oncode Investigator
Joris Hageman OIO
Joris Pothof Post Doc
Joris van de Haar Phd Student
Jos Jonkers Oncode Investigator
Jos Urbanus Analyst
Josi Peterson Technician
Judith Boer Senior Post Doc
Judith Vlaar OIO
Julia Boshuizen Phd Student
Julia Houthuijzen Post Doc
Julia Yemelyanenko Lyalenko Research Technician
Julian Buissant des Amorie Phd Student
Juliana de Carvalho Neme Kenski Phd Student
Julie Nonnekens Assistant Professor
Julien Champagne Post Doc
Jurgen Marteijn Oncode Investigator
Karlijn Hasaart Phd Student
Koen Marijt Phd Student
Krijn Dijkstra Phd Student
Kim Kortekaas Phd Student
Khaled Essa Phd Student
Kate Feller Phd Student
Kristiaan Lenos Post Doc
Katarzyna Kliza Post Doc
Kelly Mordente Phd Student
Konstantinos Sofiadis Post Doc
Kim van der Zande Phd Student
Kim Wals Education and research staff member
Karen Thijssen Research assistant/Technician
Karen Vousden
Karianne Schuurman Technician
Karin de Visser Oncode Investigator
Kaspar Bresser Phd Student
Kat Moore Bioinformatician
Kate Cameron Technician
Katharina Witting Phd Student
Kathy Jastrzebski Scientific Staff Member
Katrien Berns Staff scientist
Kevin Kos Phd Student
Kiek Verrijp Technician
Kim de Luca Phd Student
Kim Laband Post Doc
Kim Vrijland Technician
Kimberly Smit Research Technician
Koen Flach Phd Student
Koen Schipper Phd Student
Koen Verhoef

Koen Verhoef

Koen is a molecular virologist by training, and obtained his PhD from the University of Amsterdam. After postdoctoral research projects at the University of Heidelberg and at Oxford University, he switched gears into technology transfer at the Medical Research Council in London. In 2003 he moved back to the Netherlands and founded the Technology Transfer Office at VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam. Since 2009 he is leads the Technology Transfer Office of the Netherlands Cancer Institute – Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital (NKI-AVL). Koen is an active member of ASTP-Proton, the European professional association for Knowledge Transfer, and served on its Board between 2010 and 2014. At Oncode, Koen manages the Technology Development Fund. This fund is aimed at supporting projects which increase the chances of successful valorisation of Oncode research.

Koichi Sato Post Doc
Koos Boering
Koos Rooijers Post Doc
Krista Joosten Post Doc
Lidia Atencia Taboada Phd Student
Lorena Andrade Ruiz Phd Student
Linda Borst Phd Student
Liting Chen Phd Student
Lise Dauban Post Doc
Laura de Paus Phd Student
Linda de Bruin Technician
Lisanne Nijman Research Technician
Leandro Ferreira Moreno Post Doc
Lude Franke Oncode Investigator
Lisa Griffioen Research Assistant
Laura Heitman Oncode Investigator
Louisa Hoes Phd Student
Lisa Den Hollander Phd Student
Laura Schwarzmuller Phd Student
Lieke Lamers Technician
Lin Lin Post Doc
Leonela Luce Post Doc
Luan Nguyen Phd Student
Luca Santuari Post Doc
Luuk Schipper Phd Student
Laurianne Trabut Research Technician
Lotte van Mil Technician
Luuk Van Hooren Post Doc
Lotte Verleng MD-PhD student
Louis Vermeulen

Louis Vermeulen

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Lea Weiss Phd Candidate
Lianne Wellens Phd Student
Li You Post Doc
Lu Yuan Post Doc
Laurien Zeverijn Phd Student
Lizhe Zhu Phd Student
Laia Querol Cano Post Doc
Larry Zhang Phd Student
Laura Bornes Phd Student
Laura Serini Phd Student
Laura Timmerman Phd Student
Laura van 't Veer
Laura Zeinstra Technician
Leendert Looijenga
Leila Akkari

Leila Akkari

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Leila Nahidiazar Post Doc
Lennert Janssen Advisor
Leonie Smeenk Post Doc
Li Li Phd Student
Lianne Bogers
Lianne Kok Phd Student
Lieke van der Woude Phd Student
Linda Hartkamp Junior Lecturer
Linda Joosen Technician
Linda van den Berg
Linde Meyaard Oncode Investigator
Liqin Wang Phd Student
Lisa Koob Technician
Lisa Landskron Post Doc
Lisa van den Hengel Technician
Lisanne de la Fonteijne Technician
Lisanne den Hartigh Technician
Lisanne Heijmink MSc Student
Lisanne Raeven Technician
Lisette van der Laak-Cornelissen Phd Student
Livio Kleij Post Doc
Lodewyk Wessels Oncode Investigator
Lorenzo Spagnuolo Post Doc
Lorina Gjonaj Post Doc
Louise Janssen Phd Student
Luca Braccioli Post Doc
Lucas Bruurs Post Doc
Ludo Pagie Bioinformatician
Lydia Smits Technician
Merle van Gelder Phd Student
Maryam Akbarzadeh Post Doc
Maria Alieva Post Doc
Maria Azkanaz Phd Student
Maj-Britt Buchholz MSc Student
Mario Barrera Roman Research Analyst
Max Betjes MSc Student
Maartje van der Heijden Phd Student
Marnix de Groot Technician
Marit de Kort Phd Student
Matheus Dos Santos Dias Post Doc
Mathias Eder Phd Student
Mark Gorris Post Doc
Marian Groot Koerkamp Research Technician
Maarten Huismans Phd Student
Mila Ilic Phd Student
Marij Welters Assistant Professor
Ming Jiang Phd Candidate
Monique van der Kooij Phd Student
Michiel Kleinnijenhuis Computational Scientist
Maarten Klunder Phd Student
Maria Valeria Lattanzio Onderzoek in opleiding
Marleen Nieboer Phd Student
Mikhail Magnitov Phd Student
Mark Mensink Phd Student
Micha Muller Phd Student
Mariel Brok Research Technician
Miao Ping-Chien Oncode Investigator
M.P. Ganpat Maroussia Phd Student
Maarten Paul Postdoctoral Researcher
M.S. van Driel Phd Student
Michael Schubert Post Doc
Misha Sheinman Post Doc
Marjolein Sluijter Technician
Miha Sorovic Phd Student
Maike Spoon Phd Student
Mo Staal Phd Student
Michael Meister Phd Student
Max Trauernicht Phd Student
Maxime van Berge Henegouwen Phd Student
Marloes van Amerom
Mario van der Stelt

Mario van der Stelt

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Marit van Elsas Phd Student
Mariëlle Veldhuizen

Mariëlle Veldhuizen


With more than fifteen years work experience as legal secretary and paralegal in a corporate, commercial environment, Mariëlle provides the Oncode Valorization Team with all necessary le-gal administrative support.

Mark Verheul Lab Manager
Martijn Vochteloo Phd Student
Max Wellenstein Post Doc
Monique van der Wijst Postdoctoral Scientist
Monika Wolkers Oncode Investigator
Marjolein Dijkema Technician
Xuhui Ma Post Doc
Maaike Lambers Phd Student
Maaike van den Born Technician
Maarten Bijlsma Research Assistant
Maarten Geurts Phd Student
Maarten Hekkelman Programmer
Maarten Slagter Phd Student
Maarten van Dinther Technician
Maarten van Lohuizen

Maarten van Lohuizen

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Maayke Kuijten Post Doc
Madelon Badoux Technician
Madelon Maurice Oncode Investigator
Mandy Smeets Phd Student
Manouche Hetzler

Manouche Hetzler

Maojie Wang Phd Student
Marc Pages Callego Bioinformatician
Marc van de Wetering Senior Scientist
Marcel de Haas Technician
Margit Bleijs Phd Student
Margreet Westerlaken Technician
Maria Birkisdottir Phd Student
Maria Florescu Phd Student
Maria Heinz Phd Student
Maria Tresini Post Doc
Maria Vougioukalaki OIO
Mariana Paes Dias Phd Student
Mariangela Sabatela Phd Student
Marie Bannier Phd Student
Marie Corradi Bioinformatician
Marieke van den Ven Post Doc
Mariëlle Harlé
Marielle Hijmans Technician
Marije Havermans Technician
Marijke Baltissen Technician
Marijn van Loenhout Post Doc
Marijne Schijns Phd Student
Marina Gorostiola Gonzalez Phd Student
Marit Geijer Phd Student
Marjolein Baar Phd Student
Marjolein Bakker Technician & Clinical Trial Assistant
Marjolein de Bruijn Phd Student
Marjolein Ladan Phd Student
Marjolein Schluck Phd Student
Marjon Verstegen Technician
Mark Pieters

Mark Pieters

Mark Dings Phd Student
Mark van Roosmalen Bioinformatician
Marleen Kok
Marlieke Jongsma Post Doc
Marlinde Smit

Marlinde Smit

Marlinde is a programme manager at Lygature. After completing her biomedical studies at the University of Groningen, she did a Phd at the Pediatric Oncology department in the UMCG. Marlinde is passionate about oncology research and loves to bring people together and organize and manage projects. As a programme manager for Oncode, Marlinde supports Oncode researchers to translate their findings into the clinic. By organizing clinical workshops, she brings researchers and clinicians together to explore how fundamental research can address unmet clinical needs. She also focuses on the clinical proof-of-concept programme used to fund pre-clinical and clinical projects. She coordinates a team of experts to support and advice Oncode Researchers and clinicians who together applied for funding.

Marloes Blotenburg Phd Student
Marlous Hoogstraat Post Doc
Marta San Martin Alonso Post Doc
Martijn Vromans Technician
Marvin Tanenbaum Oncode Investigator
Marvin  van Toorn Phd Student
Masaki Akita Post Doc
Matevž Rumpret Phd Student
Matilde Galli CGC Investigator
Maureen Galmes-Spit Assistant Professor
Maximilian Madern Phd Student
Meike Logtenberg Phd Student
Merlijn Witte Technician
Micaela Harrasser Post Doc
Michael Hadders Post Doc
Michael Vaninsberghe Post Doc
Michela Maresca Phd Student
Michiel Boekhout Post Doc
Michiel van der Vlist Post Doc
Michiel Vermeulen Oncode Investigator
Midory Thorikay Technician
Miguel Martinez Ara Phd Student
Miguel Vizoso Post Doc
Miranda van Triest Technician
Mireille Toebes Analyst
Miriam Koopman
Mirjam Hoekstra Phd Student
Momkai Editor
Monique den Boer Oncode Investigator
Monique Mulder Post Doc
Muriëlle Sark
My Anh Truong Phd Student
Myrthe Jager Phd Student
Nils Bessler Phd Student
Nina De Groot Research Technician
Nils Eickhoff Phd Student
Niels Groenen Research Technician
Nandhini Kanagasabesan Technician
Noud Klaassen Phd Student
Nicolas Leveille Post Doc
Nikki Loof Technician
Natalia Ortiz Phd Student
Nunno Padrao Phd Student
Nikolina Sostaric Bioinformatician
Nina van Lil Phd Student
Nordin Zandhuis OIO
Na Zhu Phd Candidate
Nanne Aben Phd Student
Nannette Jelluma Post Doc
Naomi Michels Phd Student
Natasha van Eijkelenburg
Nelleke Goense Phd Student
Nelleke Spruijt Post Doc
Nick Landman Phd Student
Nico Lansu Technician
Nicolaas Boon Phd Student
Nicolas Battich Post Doc
Nicole van Vliet Technician
Nicole Verkaik Technician
Nicolle Besselink Technician
Niek Gilhuis MSc Student
Niek de Klein Phd Student
Niels Rinzema Phd Student
Niels Keijzer Phd Student
Nils Visser Post Doc
Ningqing Liu Post Doc
Nizar Hami Technician
Noor Bakker Phd Student
Oscar Bril Phd Student
Olga Isaeva Phd Student
Olga Blomberg Phd Student
Oscar Krijgsman Post Doc
Paul Ankon Phd Student
Christianne Groenveldt Phd Student
Paula Cané Gasull Phd Student
Patrick Deelen Postdoctoral Researcher
Paulina Gasecka Post Doc
Paul Hekking Technician
Priscilla Kinderman Technician
Pauline Lanting Phd Student
Pim Rullens Phd Student
Pin-Rui Su Phd Student
Pim van der Helm Phd Student
Paul Workman
Paris Asif Phd Student
Pascal Jansen Technician
Patricia Gomez Phd Student
Paul de Koning
Paul Geurink Assistant Professor
Paula Antunes Voabil Phd Student
Pepijn Wopken Analyst
Peter Bouwman Post Doc
Peter de Keizer Post Doc
Peter Krijger Post Doc
Peter ten Dijke

Peter ten Dijke

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Peter van Kerkhof Post Doc
Peter Zeller Post Doc
Petra van Leenen Technician
Pierre Lévy Post Doc
Pim Toonen Technician
Prashanthi Ramesh Phd Student
Priscillia Perrin Phd Student
Puck Knipscheer Oncode Investigator
Roderick Beijersbergen
Razvan Borza Phd Student
Leonie De Klerk Phd Student
Rob Bosman Phd Candidate
Reza Ghadiri Rad Phd Student
Ruben Goedegebuure Phd Student
Rico Hagelaar Technician
Robin Jansen Phd Student
Ravian Van Ineveld Phd Student
Rongfang Liu Technician
Richard Marais
Rosie Millen Post Doc
Rishov Mukhopadhyay Phd Student
Roy Oelen Research Assistant
Rurika Oka Bioinformatician
Rana Ramadan Phd Student
Ronja Adam Phd Student
Roy Straver Post Doc
Raphael Collot Phd Student
Ruben van Boxtel Oncode Investigator
Robin van der Weide Post Doc
Ren Xie Research Assistant
Ramada van Beek Research Technician
Raymond Kooij Technician
Rebeca Uceda Castro Phd Student
Rebekka Schneider Oncode Investigator
Reinier van der Linden Technician
Remco Nagel Lab Manager
Renata Brandt Technician
René Bernards Oncode Investigator
René Kuijten
René Medema

René Medema

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Reuven Agami

Reuven Agami

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Richard Marais
Ritse Mann
Rob Klompmaker Technician
Robbert Kim Post Doc
Robbie Joosten Research Associate
Robert van Es Technician
Robin Geene Research Analyst
Robin van der Weide Phd Student
Rodrigo Leite de Oliveira Senior Scientist
Roebi de Bruijn Research Assistant
Roel Hammink Post Doc
Roel Janssen Bioinformatician
Roel Janssens Technician
Roger Mulet Lazaro Phd Student
Ron Mathijssen
Roland Kanaar

Roland Kanaar

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator
Roxanne van der Sluijs Phd Student
Ruben Boers MSc Student
Ruben Geerdink Phd Student
Ruben Schep Phd Student
Ruiqi Han Phd Student
Rupa Banerjee Post Doc
Rutger Ozinga MSc Student
Ruth Wong

Ruth Wong

Ruud Delwel Oncode Investigator
Ruud Wijdeven Phd Student
Shaima Abdalla Phd Student
Simona V. Antonova Post Doc
Selami Baglamis Phd Student
Suzanne Beerthuijzen Technician
Sanne Boekestijn Technician
Sophie Lodestijn Phd Student
Suzanne Castenmiller Technician
Sander de Kivit Post Doc
Sam de Blank Technician
Sarah Derks Oncode Investigator
Sofia Doulkeridou Research Technician
Suraya Bergsma-Elfrink Post Doc
Soufian el Makrini Research Assistant
Sander Engels Technician
Susanna Plugge Phd Student
Susan Gasser
Sjoerd van der Burg Oncode Investigator
Shanna Handgraaf Phd Student
Saman Honarnejad
Saskia Santegoets Post Doc
Sanne Bootsma Phd Student
Sovanne Kaing Technician
Soumela Kasperiouk
Susana Kuhn Technician
Simona Lafirenze Phd Student
Silke Lochs Phd Student
Sanne van Neerven Phd Student
Sylvie Noordermeer Oncode Investigator
Salo Ooft Phd Student
Sjoukje Oosting
Stephen Johannes Orsel Research Technician
Simone Punt Project Manager
Stefan Roobol Phd Student
Silvana Roos Technician
Sanket Shelke Phd Student
Stefan Sleijfer
Sebastiaan Koenders Phd Candidate
Sabine Tejpar
Sanne Ten Hoorn Phd Student
Stephanie van Dam Phd Student
Serena Vegna Post Doc
Sora Yang Post Doc
Sabina van der Zanden Phd Student
Sabina van Doeselaar Phd Student
Saharla Ahmed

Saharla Ahmed

Saharla has over 10 years’ experience of business development and early-stage financing of life science technologies. Before joining Oncode, Saharla worked as a life sciences and business consultant, helping academic and SME clients to obtain funding, establish partnerships, perform market research and develop commercialisation plans. Prior to that, Saharla worked in the Innovations Division of the Wellcome Trust in the U.K., where she was responsible for manging an international portfolio of translational research programmes, contributing to and designing project and IP strategy, licensing intellectual property and helping to secure venture capital or other external investment. Saharla has a BSc in Genetics and a MSc in Intellectual Property Law, both from Queen Mary University of London.

Samy Kefalopoulou Phd Student
Sander Barnhoorn Technician
Sander Boymans Bioinformatician
Sander Mertens Technician
Sandra de Vries Technician
Sanne Boersma Phd Student
Santiago Gisler Phd Student
Sara Mainardi Post Doc
Sara Perricone Post Doc
Sarah Moser Phd Student
Sarra Merzouk Post Doc
Saskia Suijkerbuijk Post Doc
Saskia van den Bergh Technician
Peter Thijssen Support Staff
Sebastiaan Schieven Phd Student
Serena Bruens Phd Student
Sharon Christensen Phd Student
Shobhit Dhawan

Shobhit Dhawan


Shobhit is the Fund Manager of Oncode Oncology Bridge Fund. Prior to joining Oncode Bridge Fund, he was an early stage investor at UvA/AMC Ventures for 4 years, where he made investments in tech and life science spin offs from the two institutions. Before UvA ventures, Shobhit supported early stage ventures with fundraising and business strategy at ACE incubator in Amsterdam. He trained as a pharmacologist at the University of Oxford and started his drug discovery career at Pfizer UK. Shobhit holds a PhD in immunology from the University of Amsterdam.

Shun-Hsiao Lee Post Doc
Simon Linder Phd Student
Simone van de Weerd Phd Student
Sippe de Vries Phd Student
Sjoerd Klaasen Phd Student
Sjoerd Tjalsma Phd Student
Sjors Middelkamp Post Doc
Sofía  Ibáñez Molero Phd Student
Sophie Gerritse
Sophie Ottema Phd Student
Soufiane Mourragui Phd Student
Spiros Pachis Phd Student
Stan Kaye
Stanley van Herk  Technician
Stefan Hutten Phd Student
Stefan Prekovic Post Doc
Stefano Coppola Post Doc
Stefano Manzo Post Doc
Stephan Scherpe Phd Student
Stijn Fuchs Research Technician
Stijn Sonneveld Phd Student
Sudha Suriyamurthy Phd Student
Susan Zwakenberg Technician
Susanne Bruekner Phd Student
Susanne Lens Oncode Investigator
Susanne van den Brink Phd Student
Susanne van der Horst Post Doc
Suzan Ruijtenberg Post Doc
Suzan Stelloo Post Doc
Thomas van Ravesteyn Postdoctoral Researcher
Tom Schoufour Phd Student
Tim Arnoldus Phd Student
Thomas Battaglia Phd Student
Tatiana Blokhina Phd Student
Ting-Chung Chou Phd Student
Tom de Wit Research analyst
Tim Dielen Research Technician
Tim Heemskerk Phd Student
Terezinha de Souza Post Doc (bioinformatician)
Tom van der Wel Phd Student
Tom van den Bosch Phd Student
Thijs van Lieshout Phd Student
Tessa van Schooten Phd Student
Thorbald van Hall Assistant Professor
Timothy Wells
Timo Wendel Post Doc
Torben Wriedt Technology Expert
Tale Sliedrecht

Tale Sliedrecht

Tale is a molecular biologist by training with a background in both public and private organizations. After completion of his PhD in the lab of Geert Kops at the UMC Utrecht, Tale became team lead at Janssen Biologics in Leiden. In 2015 Tale combined his experience in both public and private organizations and became Programme Manager at Lygature, a not for profit organization specialized in the management of Public Private Partnerships (PPP), here he has managed multiple large European PPP in the area of drug discovery and development. Oncode creates, delivers and supports its programmes in partnership with Lygature, it is through this partnership that Tale enforced the Oncode General Support Team as Programme Manager Corporate Operations.

Talya Dayton Post Doc
Tanja Nagel
Teresa Robert-Finestra MSc Student
Teri Willey
Tesa Severson Post Doc
Tesfay Godefa Junior Researcher
Teun van den Brand Phd Student
Thijn Brummelkamp Oncode Investigator
Tiago Ferreira Carvalheiro Phd Student
Tianshu Gui Phd Student
Tim de Back Phd Candidate
Tim Hoek Phd Student
Timo Eijkman Technician
Tineke Lenstra Oncode Investigator
Tisee Hau Technician
Titia Meijer Phd Student
Titia Sixma Oncode Investigator
Tom Cremer Phd Student
Tom van Schaik Phd Student
Ton Rijnders

Ton Rijnders

Institute Management

Ton Rijnders holds a PhD in molecular biology. He joined the Dutch pharmaceutical company Organon in 1986 and moved to the position of Vice President Research in 2003. After the acquisition of Organon by Schering-Plough in 2007, Ton was appointed VP Discovery and Site Head Oss and continued this position after the merger of Merck and Schering-Plough. In 2011 Ton co-founded TI Pharma, a public private partnership in drug discovery, and acted as its Scientific Director. He continued this work after the merger of CTMM and TI Pharma into Lygature in 2016. Ton currently holds the position of General Director at Oncode Institute. By combining individual excellence and collaborative development, Oncode works towards innovative cancer treatments. He uses his experience to bring together the great minds of cancer research in The Netherlands.