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My Research

Linde Meyaard finished her undergraduate studies in Biomedical Sciences at Leiden University in 1990. She next studied T cell function in HIV-1 infection with Frank Miedema at Sanquin in Amsterdam, where she obtained her PhD in 1995. As post-doctoral fellow, she started studying immune inhibitory receptors with Joseph Phillips and Lewis Lanier at DNAX research institute in Palo Alto, CA. Upon return to the Netherlands she continued her work on inhibitory immune receptors in the lab of Hans Clevers and developed into an independent group leader at the University Medical Center in Utrecht.

Meyaard was appointed full Professor of Immune Regulation in Utrecht in 2007. Her work is supported by several prestigious grants, such as a fellowship of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (1999-2001) and personal grants from the Dutch society for Scientific Research (2001, 2002 and 2014) and by grants from the Dutch Arthritis Foundation, Dutch Cancer Society, AICR and others.

The growing interest in her expertise on targeting inhibitory receptors therapeutically resulted in collaborations with pharmaceutical companies. Meyaard serves on multiple scientific boards and was secretary general of the Dutch Society of Immunology from 2008-2014. She spent the 2016-2017 year as a visiting scientist in the lab of Ruslan Medzhitov at the department of Immunobiology at Yale University, New Haven, CT.


  • 2014: NWO Vici
  • 2002: NWO Aspasia
  • 2001: NWO Vidi
  • 1999: Fellow of the Royal Dutch Academy of Science (KNAW)
  • 1995: Cum Laude for PhD

Key Publications

  1. Geerdink, R. J., Hennus, M. P., Westerlaken, G. H., Abrahams, A. C., Albers, K. I., Walk, J., ... & Meyaard, L. (2017). LAIR-1 limits neutrophil extracellular trap formation in viral bronchiolitis. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.
  2. Lebbink, R. J., de Ruiter, T., Adelmeijer, J., Brenkman, A. B., van Helvoort, J. M., Koch, M., ... & Meyaard, L. (2006). Collagens are functional, high affinity ligands for the inhibitory immune receptor LAIR-1. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 203(6), 1419-1425.
  3. Rygiel, T. P., Karnam, G., Goverse, G., Van Der Marel, A. P. J., Greuter, M. J., Van Schaarenburg, R. A., ... & Mebius, R. E. (2012). CD200-CD200R signaling suppresses anti-tumor responses independently of CD200 expression on the tumor. Oncogene, 31(24), 2979.
  4. Van Avondt, K., van der Linden, M., Naccache, P. H., Egan, D. A., & Meyaard, L. (2016). Signal inhibitory receptor on leukocytes-1 limits the formation of neutrophil extracellular traps, but preserves intracellular bacterial killing. The Journal of Immunology, 196(9), 3686-3694.
  5. Van Der Vlist, M., Kuball, J., Radstake, T. R., & Meyaard, L. (2016). Immune checkpoints and rheumatic diseases: what can cancer immunotherapy teach us?. Nature Reviews Rheumatology, 12(10), 593.
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