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Boudewijn Burgering

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Boudewijn Burgering is a Professor in Signal Transduction and head of the Center Molecular Medicine (CMM) and head research of the section Molecular Cancer Research of the CMM at the UMCU. Boudewijn is also head of the Graduate School Cancer, Stem Cells and Development (CSnD), a visiting scientist to NCBS/InStemm Institute in Bangalore and a visiting Professor Second College of Clinical Medicine of Guangzhou, China. Boudewijn is running together with Prof Dr Nanda Verhoeven Duif the Utrecht Centre for Medical Metabolomics that provides services and expertise to researchers that wish to study metabolism within the context of their research. Also at MCR proteins@work is located, which provides support in proteomics for the UMCU.

The past work mainly focused on the function of proteins within signaling networks and to decipher the molecular lay-out of signaling networks. This has led to important and highly cited discoveries e.g. PKB/AKT downstream of PI3Kinase (together with Prof. Paul Coffer). Current work has expanded towards other signaling networks most importantly the involvement of metabolism in signaling and cell fate determination but also redox-signaling in collaboration with Dr Tobias Dansen.

Boudewijn is an elected member of EMBO and reviewer for the ERC, has been rewarded a VICI grant in 2002 and participates in the Dutch consortium on cancer research (


  • 2002: awarded VICI grant

Key publications

  1. Burgering, B. M, & Coffer, P. J. (1995). Protein kinase B (c-Akt) in phosphatidylinositol-3-OH kinase signal transduction. Nature, 376(6541), 599.
  2. Essers, M. A., de Vries-Smits, L. M., Barker, N., Polderman, P. E., Burgering, B. M., & Korswagen, H. C. (2005). Functional interaction between ß-catenin and FOXO in oxidative stress signaling. Science, 308(5725), 1181-1184.
  3. Kops, G. J., Dansen, T. B., Polderman, P. E., Saarloos, I., Wirtz, K. W., Coffer, P. J., ... & Burgering, B. M. (2002). Forkhead transcription factor FOXO3a protects quiescent cells from oxidative stress. Nature, 419(6904), 316.
  4. Kops, G. J., de Ruiter, N. D., De Vries-Smits, A. M., Powell, D. R., Bos, J. L., & Burgering, B. M. (1999). Direct control of the Forkhead transcription factor AFX by protein kinase B. Nature, 398(6728), 630.
    ISO 690.
  5. Medema, R. H., Kops, G. J., Bos, J. L., & Burgering, B. M. (2000). AFX-like Forkhead transcription factors mediate cell-cycle regulation by Ras and PKB through p27 kip1. Nature, 404(6779), 782.
  6. Rodríguez-Colman, M. J., Schewe, M., Meerlo, M., Stigter, E., Gerrits, J., Pras-Raves, M., ... & Verhoeven-Duif, N. (2017). Interplay between metabolic identities in the intestinal crypt supports stem cell function. Nature, 543(7645), 424.
  7. Van der Horst, A., de Vries-Smits, A. M., Brenkman, A. B., van Triest, M. H., van den Broek, N., Colland, F., ... & Burgering, B. M. (2006). FOXO4 transcriptional activity is regulated by monoubiquitination and USP7/HAUSP. Nature cell biology, 8(10), 1064.
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Boudewijn Burgering

Boudewijn Burgering

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator

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