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My Research

Bas van Steensel received his PhD in 1995 from the University of Amsterdam, where he studied the role of nuclear organization in steroid receptor function. As a postdoc he studied human telomere-binding proteins in the lab of Titia de Lange (the Rockefeller University) and he developed a technique for mapping of protein-DNA interactions in the lab of Steven Henikoff (FHCRC, Seattle). He set up his own lab at the University of Amsterdam in 2001, and moved to the Netherlands Cancer Institute in 2002. Since 2010 he is also adjunct Professor in Chromosome Biology at Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam.


  • 2016: ERC Advanced Grant
  • 2011: ERC Advanced Grant
  • 2008: EMBO Membership
  • 2004: European Young Investigator (EURYI) Award
  • 2001: EMBO Young Investigator Programme
  • 2000: Annual Award, Netherlands Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • 2000: Researcher of the Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW)
  • 1995: Human Frontier Science Program Long-Term Fellowship

Key Publications

  1. Akhtar, W., de Jong, J., Pindyurin, A. V., Pagie, L., Meuleman, W., de Ridder, J., ... & van Steensel, B. (2013). Chromatin position effects assayed by thousands of reporters integrated in parallel. Cell, 154(4), 914-927.
  2. Filion, G. J., van Bemmel, J. G., Braunschweig, U., Talhout, W., Kind, J., Ward, L. D., ... & van Steensel, B. (2010). Systematic protein location mapping reveals five principal chromatin types in Drosophila cells. Cell, 143(2), 212-224.
  3. Kind, J., Pagie, L., Ortabozkoyun, H., Boyle, S., de Vries, S. S., Janssen, H., ... & van Steensel, B. (2013). Single-cell dynamics of genome-nuclear lamina interactions. Cell, 153(1), 178-192.
  4. Kind, J., Pagie, L., de Vries, S. S., Nahidiazar, L., Dey, S. S., Bienko, M., ... & Fudenberg, G. (2015). Genome-wide maps of nuclear lamina interactions in single human cells. Cell, 163(1), 134-147.
  5. van Steensel, B., & Belmont, A. S. (2017). Lamina-associated domains: links with chromosome architecture, heterochromatin, and gene repression. Cell, 169(5), 780-791.
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Bas van Steensel

Bas van Steensel

Oncode Investigator

Oncode Investigator

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