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Miao Ping-Chien

Oncode Investigator at Erasmus MC

My Research

Miao-Ping Chien is a multidisciplinary scientist. She obtained her PhD in (bio)chemistry and cancer biology at University of California, San Diego, where she successfully invented a nanomaterial that can specifically be targeted to and deposited in tumor tissues for a long period of time, through which the tumor can be detected with conjugated probes (fluorescent or MRI contrast agents) and treated with attached drugs (Doxorubicin). After that, she pursued her postdoctoral training in optical engineering and computational biology with prof. Adam Cohen at Harvard University, where she developed technologies that are applicable to single cell biology and high-throughput measurements. She has been honored with a variety of prestigious international awards during her PhD and Postdoc (Life Science Research Foundation & Gordon and Betty Moore fellowship, Inamori Award, Martin Kamen Prize, UCSD Chemistry Thesis Award among others).

In 2017 June, Miao-Ping joined Erasmus MC as a group leader. Her research has focused on two main goals: the creation and application of technology for (early) detection and treatment of tumors, and the creation and application of single cell selection and isolation technology to facilitate the discovery and interpretation of genetic, transcriptomic and proteomic profiles of aberrant (single) cancer cells, with the aim of translating the knowledge gained to clinical applications. Since becoming a group leader, Miao-Ping has received several awards and grants (Ammodo Science Award, EMC-TUD Convergence Grant, Oncode Institute Junior Fellow, Cancer GenomiCs.nl (CGC) Junior Fellow, NWO Veni, CGC Young PI grant, Erasmus MC fellowship, Erasmus Mrace grant, Dragon Gate Project).


  • 2020: Ammodo Science Award
  • 2020: Erasmus MC-TU Delft Convergence Grant
  • 2019: Oncode Technology Development Fund
  • 2019: Oncode Institute Junior Fellow
  • 2018: CancerGenomiCs.nl Young PI call
  • 2018: Erasmus MC Fellowship
  • 2018: Erasmus Mrace Grant
  • 2018: Dragon Gate Project Grant
  • 2017: NWO Veni Award
  • 2017: CancerGenomiCs.nl Junior Fellow

Key Publications

  1. Chien M.P.*, Brinks D.*, Adam, Y., Bloxham, W., Kheifets, S., Cohen A.E. BioRxiv, doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/211946; revision in Nature Methods
  2. Chien M.P. et al. “Photostick: a method for selective isolation of target cells from culture.” Chemical Science. 2015,6,1701-1705. (IF:9.556; PMID:25705368)
  3. Werley C.A., Chien M.P. et al. “An ultrawidefield microscope for high-speed fluorescence imaging and targeted optogenetic stimulation.” Biomedical Optics Express. 2017,8,5794-5813. (IF:3.337; PMID:29296505)
  4. Chien M.P. et al. “Enzyme-Directed Assembly of a Nanoparticle Probe in Tumor Tissue.” Advanced Materials. 2013,25,3599-3604. (IF:25.809; PMID:23712821)
  5. Chien M.P. et al. “Enzyme-Directed Assembly of Nanoparticles in Tumors Monitored by In Vivo Whole Animal and Ex Vivo Super Resolution Fluorescence Imaging.” Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS). 2013,135,18710-3. (IF:14.695; PMID:24308273)
  6. Chien M.P., et al. “Programmable shape-shifting micelles.” Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2010,49,5076-80. (IF:12.257; PMID:20533475)
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Miao Ping-Chien Oncode Investigator

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