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Tassos Perrakis obtained his DPhil in Chemistry from the University of York in 1996, after pre-doctoral research he performed at EMBL Hamburg. He then received an EMBO long-term fellowship, to work at the NKI on DNA mismatch recognition and repair. After two years, he moved as a staff scientist and then a team leader to EMBL Grenoble, where he pursued the development of the ARP/wARP software package for X-ray crystallography, participated in a team that built and commissioned the first µ-diffractometer at ESRF, and pursued his post-doctoral research interests in DNA mismatch repair.

With the change of the millennium, Tassos moved back to the NKI as an independent group leader. Over the last two decades there, his research team pioneered both experimental and computational approaches to X-ray structure determination, the latest being PDB-REDO, a decision making system that allows fully automated “total makeover” of all X-ray structures in the PDB. His research evolves around the structure and function of macromolecules. The group currently focuses on the function and structure of Autotaxin and the LPA signalling axis, contributing new ideas and tools for understanding and utilising this pathway as a target for therapeutic approaches. Concurrently, the team maintains active collaborations that revolve around the role of tubulin modifying and interacting proteins, and how these affect cellular function, and in particular late events in mitosis.

Finally, Tassos has an active involvement in European initiatives being the Coordinator of the “INEXT-Discovery” H2020 program which enables Structural Biology research by providing transnational access to high-end equipment and also promoting collaborative research activities that promote integrative structural biology research approaches.


  • 2001: EMBO Young Investigator
  • 1996: EMBO long-term post-doctoral fellowship

Key Publications

  1. Keune WJ, Potjewyd F, Heidebrecht T, Salgado-Polo F, Macdonald SJ, Chelvarajan L, Abdel Latif A, Soman S, Morris AJ, Watson AJ, Jamieson C, Perrakis A. Rational Design of Autotaxin Inhibitors by Structural Evolution of Endogenous Modulators. J Med Chem. 2017 Mar 9;60(5):2006-2017. Pubmed ID: 28165241
  2. Hausmann J, Kamtekar S, Christodoulou E, et al, Morris AJ, Moolenaar WH & Perrakis A. Structural basis for substrate discrimination and integrin binding by autotaxin. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 2011, 18(2):198-204; Pubmed ID: 21240271
  3. Hiruma Y, Sacristan C, Pachis ST, Adamopoulos A, Kuijt T, Ubbink M, von Castelmur E, Perrakis A*, Kops GJ*. Competition between MPS1 and microtubules at kinetochores regulates spindle checkpoint signaling. Science2015;348(6240):1264-7. (*shared last and corresponding authors); Pubmed ID: 26068855
  4. Joosten RP, Long F, Murshudov GN, and Perrakis A“The PDB_REDO Server for Macromolecular Structure Model Optimization.” IUCrJ 2014,1;4: 213–220. Pubmed ID: 25075342
  5. Adamopoulos A, Landskron L, Heidebrecht T, Tsakou F, Bleijerveld OB, Altelaar M, Nieuwenhuis J, Celie PHN, Brummelkamp TR, Perrakis A. Crystal structure of the tubulin tyrosine carboxypeptidase complex VASH1-SVBP. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. 2019 Jul;26(7):567-570. Pubmed ID: 31270470
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Anastassis Perrakis Oncode Investigator

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