24 June 2019

Socially Responsible Licensing at Oncode Institute

Elize Brolsma

Innovation in health care solutions has been seen to correlate with increased costs, potentially resulting in unaffordable health care in the future. One of the ways that Oncode is planning for sustainable implementation of research outputs from the very beginning is through implementation of the Socially Responsible Licensing policies.

It is important that our research results are translated into an application as quickly as possible. When research institutions work together with commercial parties, then often grant licenses to companies on an invention made by their researchers. In consultation with many partners, The Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU) established a working group that formulated ten principles for socially responsible licensing.

Oncode has been part of the working group, formally endorses these principles and will implement these guidelines to make sure new scientific insights will be translated into novel therapies for patients in a responsible way.

You can find the 10 principles for socially responsible licensing here (in Dutch).

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