22 July 2020

Masterclass: insights and best practices for managing research data


Bianca-Olivia Nita

With the goal of cutting through complexity and offering clear understanding and the tools needed to handle research data management with a hands-on approach, Oncode recently organized the Research Data Management (RDM) Masterclass, part of its Open Science and FAIR Data programme. Issues such as data management planning, RDM budgeting, essentials, exposure and impact, and GDPR and informed consent were explained in context, with examples and exercises to further knowledge and understanding.

This RDM Masterclass was originally planned for March 2020, as part of a more extensive event hosted by Oncode Investigators Jeroen de Ridder (UMC Utrecht) and Lodewyk Wessels (NKI). But then it had to be put on hold because of the lockdown. And since face to face group sessions are still not an option, Oncode turned the RDM Masterclass into its first digital event.

The goal was multifold: to familiarize the participants with all the relevant concepts and issues related to data management, and also to provide them with a consistent toolkit to fall back on when they encounter these issues in their career. The Oncode Team also wanted to test a training approach that mixes assisted learning, live sessions and offline material for self-study, turning the challenge posed by the lockdown into the chance to further develop and improve.

The content was provided and presented by Jasmin Böhmer (UMC Utrecht) and thoroughly tested by Emanuela Lonardi (Programme Coordinator at Oncode). And it turned out that what at first seemed an obstacle was turned into an opportunity. The digital environment allowed more participants to take part – Oncode researchers, academia and industry spread throughout Europe, more than what would have been possible during an in-person class environment. And the content as well as the personal attention received by the attendees were well praised. 'After this masterclass, I can say that I am finally enthusiastically acquainted with topics such as RDM, budgeting and FAIR’ said one participant.

If you are interested in these topics too and you wish you didn’t miss this Masterclass, you’ll be pleased to know that all the materials used – including knowledge clips, resources and exercises – are now available on our Open Science and Fair data resources page.

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