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13 August 2019
Miao-Ping Chien: ‘What I’ve learned from the LSW Venture Challenge’
The Life Sciences at Work Venture Challenge is a 10-week programme to develop an initial idea – a breakthrough research result – into a solid business case. Miao-Ping Chien, Oncode Investigator and group leader at Erasmus MC, is one of the few researchers who was given the opportunity to participate. Oncode Institute talks to her about the insights she gained following this program.
Mario Van Der Stelt
29 July 2019
Research Management Committee welcomes new member Mario van der Stelt
We are pleased to announce that Mario van der Stelt (Leiden University) is now part of Oncode’s Research Management Committee. Mario brings the Leiden flavour to the RMC and has a wealth of experience in medicinal chemistry, drug discovery and chemical biology.
Th 3
23 July 2019
Highlights from the Scientific Meeting on Tumor Heterogeneity
The meeting was about exchanging latest insights, approaches and model systems to understand the origins of heterogeneity and its implications
C Tech
11 July 2019
Oncode Investigator Hugo Snippert receives Organ-on-Chip award
Seven projects in the Organ-on-Chip Showcases call have been awarded a grant by Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (Health~Holland).
Oncode Annual Report 2018
5 July 2019
1 year of Oncode: building the Launching Platform
Public summary of the Oncode Annual Report 2018
Masterclass 4
28 June 2019
Oncode’s 1st Masterclass Day
Oncode’s first masterclass day was all about sharing insights on science and connecting the research community.
24 June 2019
Socially Responsible Licensing at Oncode Institute
Oncode is planning for sustainable implementation of research outputs from the very beginning through implementation of the Socially Responsible Licensing policies.
Istock 908866958
24 June 2019
Here it is. The first edition of our Quarterly Magazine
We’ve recently revamped our quarterly newsletter into a full-fledged Digital Magazine.
Crc Workshop 2
28 May 2019
Learnings from the Oncode Colorectal Cancer workshop
To enhance the link between fundamental research and unmet needs in the clinic, Oncode is organizing a series of interactive workshops throughout the year. On Thursday 23 May we kicked off with the first one, focusing on colorectal cancer.
Novel Tech Theme
21 May 2019
Support our Oncode Investigators at Alpe d’HuZes
Alpe d’HuZes is a unique sporting event that collects money for cancer research and improving the quality of life for people with cancer. This year, a number of Oncode Investigators are participating. Read here why!
30 April 2019
Why clinicians and fundamental researchers need each other
Oncode Investigator Wilbert Zwart and Medical Oncologist André Bergman are interviewed on why clinicians and fundamental researchers need each other, and the value produced by such collaboration
02 Fallback Green@2X
4 February 2019
Fundamental research for tomorrow’s patients
Cancer is still a massive problem. Nowadays it is the leading cause of death in The Netherlands and 1 out of 3 people is affected by it. Why haven’t we defeated cancer yet?