30 June 2020

Oncode Institute appoints Alain Kummer as its new Managing Director

Elize Brolsma

Oncode Institute announced today that its Supervisory Board has appointed Alain Kummer as Managing Director per September 1st, 2020. On the same day, Ton Rijnders, Oncode’s General Director, will step down from his position. As of September 1st, the new Oncode Managing Board will consist of Geert Kops (Scientific Director and Head of the Institute), Chris De Jonghe (Valorization Director) and Alain Kummer (Managing Director).

Alain has a wealth of experience in different healthcare disciplines. After he obtained his PhD in immunology, he worked as a clinical and molecular pathologist and managed his own research group on tumour immunology. He initiated and led several biomedical facilities, such as an NGS laboratory, to improve patient care. Several years ago, he obtained his executive MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management, after which he became interim CEO of BISLIFE. As the CEO, he was involved in the merger of two organisations and was responsible for the financial, operational, human resource and strategic management. During his last job at NLC Healthtech venture builders he was involved in the scouting and selection of early health care innovations and acted as venture partner for several start-ups.

Alain Kummer says: “I’m very excited to start working for Oncode Institute. It is great to see the diverse expertise I gained all come together in this new role. It will be a challenging task to build on Ton’s contributions, who played a huge role in getting Oncode where it is now. I can’t wait to start working with the Oncode team and the many different stakeholders Oncode has, to contribute to our one goal: outsmart cancer and impact patients’ lives.”

Geert Kops, Scientific Director of Oncode Institute says: “I am very pleased to have Alain on board. In my new role as Head of the institute I will be responsible for all strategic decisions that help promote Oncode’s goals, and to bring Oncode to its next build-out phase. With Alain Kummer as Managing Director and Chris De Jonghe as Valorization Director, we have a strong Managing Board that can support researchers the right way and move the institute forward.”

Ton Rijnders, General Director of Oncode Institute, says: “Alain can create a huge impact on the value that Oncode brings to basic science, and ultimately patients, and we are honoured to have him on board. With his wealth of experience in science, the clinic and several health innovation businesses, he is the right man for Oncode Institute. I’m also very pleased with the fact that Geert Kops, as Oncode’s Scientific Director, will have a more visible role to play as the new Head of Oncode Institute.”

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