30 June 2020

New colleagues at Oncode Institute

Elize Brolsma

We are pleased to welcome Saharla Ahmed and Colette ten Hove to Oncode Institute. Saharla started as a Business Developer in the Valorization Team and Colette joined as a new Programme Manager in the General Support Team. We asked them to describe their role within Oncode briefly.

“My name is Colette ten Hove and I am happy to join the Oncode team as a Programme Manager. My initial focus will be the Patient Engagement programme. Oncode researchers benefit from this program by gaining a better understanding of the world of patients and can use this perspective within their fundamental research. I will also coordinate the Training & Mentoring programmes that enable Oncode researchers to connect, share and collaborate and provide support to the the next generation of scientific leaders.”

Colette ten Hove Programme Manager

"My name is Saharla Ahmed and I have just joined Oncode’s valorization team as a Business Developer. I am looking forward to supporting Oncode investigators and researchers with their valorization strategies, and working with them in any way that I can to translate their scientific findings to truly benefit society."

Saharla Ahmed Business Development

Other News

Kops website
New biosensor measures activity of control enzyme MPS1
Researchers from the group of Oncode Investigator Geert Kops (Hubrecht Institute) have developed a biosensor that can precisely depict the activity of the MPS1 enzyme in living cells. MPS1 is responsible for accurate distribution of DNA during cell division; errors in this process can lead to cancer. Using the new biosensor, the researchers discovered that the MPS1 enzyme is significantly less active in colorectal cancer cells. The results were published in the scientific journal Current Biology on the 3rd of September.
Pre-existing immune-resistant cancer cells identified in melanoma
Researchers at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, led by Oncode Investigator Daniel Peeper with Julia Boshuizen as first author, have discovered a cluster of tumor cells that are refractory to immunotherapy and that exists even prior to treatment. This finding, which was published in the scientific journal Nature Communications, may lead to new therapies that eliminate cancer more effectively.


Elize is part of Oncode’s communication team. She has over 10 years of experience in the com-munication industry, both for commercial and non-profit organisations. After obtaining her bache-lor and master degree in communication at Utrecht University, Elize worked as a communication professional at a research institute, PR agency, law firm and internet company. She has a strong focus on external communications and Public Relations. At Oncode - together with her colleagues - Elize produces the monthly newsletters for Oncode Investigators & Researchers and the Oncode digital magazine. She publishes content for the Oncode website and is responsible for all social media channels. She enjoys discussing science with researchers and support them in their outreach.
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Convey impact, get funding
In order to give our community hands-on advice on how to improve their grant writing, we hosted a 90- minute interactive webinar: Get Funding: Convey the impact of your science.