22 June 2018

Geert Kops appointed as Scientific Director

Alexander Duyndam Support Staff

The Supervisory Board of Oncode Institute has appointed Geert Kops from the Hubrecht Institute as the new Scientific Director of Oncode. In June 2018, he will take over this important role from Hans Bos. Geert Kops will chair the new Research Management Committee which further consists of Jan Paul Medema (AMC), Jan Schellens (UU), Karin de Visser (NKI) and Madelon Maurice (UMCU).

“The Scientific Director is the representative of the science of Oncode Institute”, says Geert Kops, “but delivering impact will very much be a team-effort of the RMC. We want to focus on creating fruitful interactions between all Oncode Investigators within the different research themes. Synergy between Oncode researchers will create even more breakthrough discoveries, also towards the clinic.” What Geert expects of the Oncode community in return? “Being an Oncode Investigator is a privileged position. I hope that everybody will help to create a thriving research community with one goal: to accelerate fundamental breakthroughs and their transition to benefit patients.”

The Management Board thanks prof. Hans Bos for his great contribution as first Scientific Director, and the original members of the first RMC, prof. Anton Berns, prof. René Bernards, prof. Hans Clevers and prof. Jan Hoeijmakers, for their energy and commitment that have launched Oncode Institute. They have assured the board that they remain fully committed to the goals of Oncode and will support the new RMC with guidance and advice next to their scientific contributions.

Follow this link to the personal profile-page of Geert Kops.

Other News

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Researchers from the group of Oncode Investigator Hans Clevers, together with Oncode Investigators Anne Rios, Alexander van Oudenaarden and many others, have developed a method to grow snake venom gland cells as organoids. These lab-grown mini glands produce and secrete active toxins found in snake venom. Snake venom gland organoids can be grown from multiple species and maintained in the lab indefinitely. This new technology holds great promise to reduce the devastating impact and exploit the secrets of snake venom. The results of this research were published in the scientific journal Cell on the 23rd of January.
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Oncode Investigators Elzo de Wit and Ruben van Boxtel receive ERC Grant
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