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Snake venom gland
23 January 2020
Venom-producing snake organoids developed in the lab
Researchers from the group of Oncode Investigator Hans Clevers, together with Oncode Investigators Anne Rios, Alexander van Oudenaarden and many others, have developed a method to grow snake venom gland cells as organoids. These lab-grown mini glands produce and secrete active toxins found in snake venom. Snake venom gland organoids can be grown from multiple species and maintained in the lab indefinitely. This new technology holds great promise to reduce the devastating impact and exploit the secrets of snake venom. The results of this research were published in the scientific journal Cell on the 23rd of January.
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17 December 2019
EU invests 10 million euro in unlocking technologies for key research in structural biology
To enable researchers from European institutes to extend innovative structural biology research, the EU has invested 10 million euro to iNEXT-Discovery, through its Horizon 2020 program.
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20191210 Oncode Investigators Elzo de Wit and Ruben van Boxtel receive ERC Grant Card Image
10 December 2019
Oncode Investigators Elzo de Wit and Ruben van Boxtel receive ERC Grant
Oncode Institute is proud to announce that Oncode Investigators Elzo de Wit (Netherlands Cancer Institute) and Ruben van Boxtel (Princess Máxima Center) both receive the ERC Consolidator Grant. The ERC Consolidator Grants are awarded to outstanding researchers with at least seven and up to twelve years of experience after PhD, and a scientific track record showing great promise.
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5 December 2019
New vacancies at Oncode Partner Institutes
Are you planning on the next steps in your scientific career? Check out the latest vacancies at the labs of Oncode Investigators.
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29 November 2019
Researchers explain the added value of Oncode Institute
At this year's Oncode-CGC Annual conference, we took the time to speak with some of our Oncode Investigators. In this video, they explain the value that Oncode adds to their research, collaboration opportinuties and valorization success.
29 November 2019
Oncode Institute invests 4 million euros in new technology for cancer research in the Netherlands
Oncode Institute invests 4 million euros in unique, state-of-the-art technology for cancer research. Five projects have been awarded within the Infrastructure & Technologies Programme. These technologies will not only become available for the twelve institutes that are affiliated with Oncode Institute but will also be made available to the wider research community in the Netherlands.
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In the spotlight
27 September 2019
A cost-effective treatment strategy for metastatic colorectal carcinoma patients
The sustainability of the healthcare system is under extreme pressure, given the increasing costs associated with research, drug development, treatment and hospital care. Through support of its Investigators’ research and development activities, Oncode is working to advance new and innovative therapies to patients.
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20191128 Biotech Wednesday Joining forces to outsmart cancer new frontiers in cell therapy Card image
28 November 2019
Biotech Wednesday: Joining forces to outsmart cancer – new frontiers in cell therapy
United by a desire to bring new cell therapies to patients, Oncode Institute and HollandBIO brought together academia, life sciences companies, clinicians and other relevant stakeholders at this first of its kind event.
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20191122 Oncode CGC Annual Conference where science scientists meet card image
22 November 2019
Oncode – CGC Annual Conference: where science & scientists meet
On November 7th and 8th 2019, cancer researchers from all over the Netherlands gathered for the Oncode - CGC Annual Conference at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.
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Oncode Concept Illustration On Green 07
7 November 2019
Oncode is hiring!
Interested in joining us? Oncode is an independent institute dedicated to understanding cancer and translating research into practice more efficiently. Oncode, starting from a deeper understanding of the basics of cancer, works to come up with better treatments and improved diagnostics.
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4 November 2019
A platform to fully exploit available clinical CRC studies
Miriam Koopman and Louis Vermeulen collaborate to improve prospects for colorectal cancer patients via Oncode's Equipment & Infrastructure Program. This program has a collaborative set-up to make equipment available throughout the community.