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Coverbeeld Q3
15 October 2019
Oncode Quarterly Magazine - October 2019
Welcome to the second edition of our quarterly magazine. Are you curious what kept us busy the past few months? In this edition you can read interviews with Jannie Borst, Andrea van Elsas, Ruben van Boxtel and Rebekka Schneider. And there's much more!
Vesnade Jong
11 October 2019
Geert Kops receives ERC Synergy Grant
Oncode's Scientific Director Geert Kops (Hubrecht Institute) has received a European Research Council (ERC) Synergy Grant to investigate the causes and effects of chromosomal aberrations in cancer, together with Iva Tolic (Ruder Boskovic Institute), Angelika Amon (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Nenad Pavin (University of Zagreb). Together they receive 10 million euros for their interdisciplinary effort that combines cell biology, bio(physics) and genetics.
Tumor Growth Theme
11 October 2019
The mutational impact of fluoropyrimidines
In their latest paper in Nature Communications, Oncode Investigator Edwin Cuppen and Arne van Hoeck (UMC Utrecht), together with colleagues, assess the mutational impact of fluoropyrimidines.
10 October 2019
ESMO 2019: what have we learnt?
While the autumn started showing itself in some parts of Europe, the sun was shining in the city of Gaudi which was home to more than 28,000 attendees for the ESMO 2019 annual congress. For one week, Barcelona was flooded with top-quality science and ambitious visions that will shape the future of cancer therapies.
Leila Akkari 2
3 October 2019
'One-two punch' method published in Nature
The labs from Oncode Investigators René Bernards and Leila Akkari (NKI) have published the results of important research in Nature. Many combinations of cancer medicines could theoretically work very well together, but in practice these combinations are too toxic for the body to withstand. The researchers devised a possible alternative: the 'one-two punch', named after the effective combination of two quick successive punches in boxing.
Drug Combinations Theme
3 October 2019
DRUP study in Nature
In 2016, the Drug Rediscovery Protocol was launched in the Netherlands. This is a unique and innovative pan-cancer clinical trial that seeks to expand the use of EMA and/or FDA-approved targeted therapies beyond their approved indications. In a Nature paper, published 30 September, the research team now takes stock of the progress of DRUP over the first three years.
Oncode Icons Square 14
In the spotlight
27 September 2019
A cost-effective treatment strategy for metastatic colorectal carcinoma patients
The sustainability of the healthcare system is under extreme pressure, given the increasing costs associated with research, drug development, treatment and hospital care. Through support of its Investigators’ research and development activities, Oncode is working to advance new and innovative therapies to patients.
Vesnade Jong
27 September 2019
NKI starts EM facility for the Oncode community
Oncode’s Equipment and Infrastructure programme aims to support the research community by enabling joint equipment- and infrastructure-based projects between different institutes.
Vesnade Jong
Tcs Marathon
17 September 2019
Join the Oncode team
For science, together against cancer! Oncode is participating in the TCS Amsterdam Marathon that takes place 20 October 2019. We would like to invite all researchers from all institutes to join the team.
Louis Vermeulen
15 August 2019
Inaugural lecture Louis Vermeulen
On Friday, September 6th, 2019, Oncode Investigator Louis Vermeulen (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC) will give his inaugural lecture to officially accept his position as newly appointed professor of Molecular Oncology. This event will take place at 4pm at the Aula der Universiteit (Singel 411, corner Spui) and is followed by a reception. The Oncode community is invited to be present at this ceremony.
13 August 2019
Miao-Ping Chien: ‘What I’ve learned from the LSW Venture Challenge’
The Life Sciences at Work Venture Challenge is a 10-week programme to develop an initial idea – a breakthrough research result – into a solid business case. Miao-Ping Chien, Oncode Investigator and group leader at Erasmus MC, is one of the few researchers who was given the opportunity to participate. Oncode Institute talks to her about the insights she gained following this program.