Proteomics for Oncode

Location: UMC Utrecht

Location: UMC Utrecht

Contact person: Boudewijn Burgering and Michiel Vermeulen,

Short description

Diseases such as cancer are characterized by cellular heterogeneity. This facility offers a state-of-the-art single-cell proteomics by measuring the full protein and/or metabolite composition of a single cell.

The Proteomics4Oncode facility operates four state-of-the-art, high-resolution instruments: an Orbitrap Tribrid Eclipse, 2 Orbitrap Tribrid Fusion instruments and an Orbitrap Exploris 480.These mass spectrometers can be used for a broad variety of applications, ranging from quantitative whole proteome measurements to post-translational modification (PTM) analyses (phospho, acetyl, etc.) and affinity purification of protein complexes. Next to these standard workflows we are also open to work with our customers on customized approaches to address specific questions such as protein or PTM turnover experiments or absolute whole proteome measurements. Furthermore, Proteomics4Oncode provides advice to help you design the best possible experimental setup for your research question. Finally, automated phospho-enrichment and offline chromatography workflows are also available upon request.

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