Monday 24 June, and Tuesday 25 June, at NH Conference Centre Koningshof, Veldhoven, Eindhoven

Scientific Meeting: Tumor Heterogeneity

The organizers are pleased to welcome Roel Nusse (Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Stanford School of Medicine) to this meeting. He will give a keynote lecture entitled Stemness: Permission to divide? Focused sessions will be on 1) genotypic and 2) phenotypic heterogeneity, 3) role of the microenvironment, 4) novel technologies and 5) targets for therapy using smart screens. To facilitate discussion and interaction we choose to limit the number of seats (120 seats) for this focused meeting. Do you want to join? Please register before May 27. Based on this we will, if needed, select researchers for participation.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Peter Zeller (Van Oudenaarden)
  • Ruben van Boxtel
  • Sjoerd Klaasen (Kops)
  • My Anh Truong (Lens)
  • Ellen Stelloo (Cuppen)
  • Sebastiaan Koenders (Van der Stelt)
  • Leonie Smeenk (Delwel)
  • Ravian van Ineveld (Rios)
  • Alessandra Merenda (Maurice)
  • Heta Patel (Lenstra)
  • Lennart Kester (Van Rheenen)
  • Max Betjes (Chien)
  • Franka Rang (Kind)
  • Dick Zijlmans (Michiel Vermeulen)
  • Soufiane Mourragui (Wessels)
  • Jasmin Post (Snippert)
  • Sanne Boersma (Tanenbaum)
  • Rebekka Schneider-Kramann
  • Christel Ramirez (Akkari)
  • Daniel Miedema (Louis Vermeulen)
  • Marten Hornsveld (Ten Dijke)
  • Cayetano Pleguezuelos (Clevers)


The updated programme can be found here.


The registration is now closed. Please contact Ester Frische (below) for more information.

Programme: The meeting will start Monday at 10 am and closes Tuesday at 3 pm. The meeting will be held at the NH Conference Centre Koningshof, Veldhoven. More details on the programme will follow shortly. Attendance is free of charge however registration is required.

Contact Information
Ester Frische

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