Oncode Masterclass Day

During Oncode’s Masterclass Day in the Jaarbeurs (Rooms 111 and 116, 1st Floor, Jaarbeurs Meetup) in Utrecht on 6 June, you can learn from each other's research and dive into specific topics interactively.

Seats are limited so make sure you register soon! This event is also open for all oncology researchers who are not part of Oncode.

Plenary Session:

FAIRly Open Science
Chaired by Bas van Steensel (NKI)

Oncode supports widespread access to its cutting-edge research and knowledge in order to enable others to use and build on them. Open Science and FAIR data management principles are vehicles to make sure that this happens. In this plenary session, Oncode researchers will present how this is already being made possible in their laboratories. Also, there will be a discussion on how to lower the barrier for sharing knowledge, data and materials between Oncode's different institutes.

Judith Boer - PMC (den Boer lab)
Jasmin Böhmer - (de Ridder lab)
Bas van Steensel - NKI

Parallel sessions:

Workshop 1: Drug Repurposing/ Oncode Compound Library
Chaired by Tale Sliedrecht (Oncode Institute)

In its efforts to contribute to the affordability of healthcare, Oncode is setting up a Drug Repurposing Screening Programme. Drug repurposing has emerged as an effective approach for the rapid identification of known drugs and compounds, to treat new indications or the rescue and retooling of failed candidates to focus on different conditions. During the masterclass, you will learn about the set-up of the programme and you will hear from Oncode’s drug screening experts how they have used drug repurposing and drug screening within their labs.

Paul Geurink – LUMC (Ovaa Lab)
Elliot Mock - Leiden University (van der Stelt lab)
Roderick Beijersbergen – NKI (Head of High Content Screening Facility)
Rene Overmeer – the Hub (Assay & Screening Development Manager)

Workshop 2: Immunology and collaboration with industry
Chaired by Sjoerd van der Burg (LUMC)
We are sorry to inform you that, due to several factors we have come to the decision to postpone this workshop to a later time point this year. We will let you know once a new date is set.

Linde Meyaard - UMCU
Daniel Peeper - NKI

Workshop 3: Potential applications of organoid technology
Chaired by Hugo Snippert (UMCU)
Organoids provide a versatile platform for applications spanning from basic oncology research to personalized medicine. In this masterclass, Oncode scientists will share their experience in using the organoid technology in their specific field of expertise. Sylvia Boj (scientific director HUB) will join us as well and present the drug screening programme for treatment Cystic Fibrosis. There will be open discussions with the experts including the technical challenges and opportunities.

Jarno Drost - Prinses Maxima Centrum
Sylvia Boj
– the HUB (Scientific Director)
Rik Lindeboom – Radboud University (M. Vermeulen lab)
Joep Beumer - Hubrecht Institute (Clevers lab)

Workshop 4: How to translate your research into clinical practice
Chaired by Sarah Derks (Amsterdam UMC)
We are sorry to inform you that, due to several factors we have come to the decision to postpone this workshop to a later time point this year. We will let you know once a new date is set.

Paul de Koning – Oncode Exploratory Development Expert Support Group
Sophie Gerritse – Radboud UMC (Verheul group)


Date: 6 June 2019
Location: Rooms 111 and 116, 1st Floor, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

10.30 Parallel session: Workshops 1

12.30 Lunch and networking

13.30 Plenary session: FAIRly Open Science

14.30 Parallel session: Workshops 3

16.30 Drinks


Please click here to register.

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