Oncode CGC Annual Scientific Meeting

Join us on 4-5 July!

  • Date: 4 - 5 July 2022
  • Location: De Rijtuigenloods, Amersfoort

Programme and registration

We've put together an exciting two-day programme. You can find it here.

You can register for this event on our community platform.

Breakout sessions

This year we are organizing four breakout sessions. Detailed descriptions can be found below. For some of these sessions, the number of participants is limited so register as soon as possible.

[FULL] Find the clues and escape the data-horror!

Familiarize yourself with the principles of Research Data Management (RDM) by participating in the Data Horror Escape Room. You can also invite your colleagues to enter this playful exercise, and you can solve the puzzles together.

Research Data Management (RDM) refers to a set of practices to ensure responsible handling of data in scientific research. It is important before, during, and after your research. Part of good RDM is writing a Data Management Plan (DMP) to record decisions about how you are going to manage your data. Most research institutes in the Netherlands have teams of experts to help researchers with various RDM-related questions.

Appreciated but not compulsory: please bring your own laptop, if available.

It is no longer possible to register for this session.

Engaging patients in your research

The Oncode Patient Engagement Programme focuses on the researcher’s mission beyond the walls of the lab, connecting the world of Oncode researchers to the world of our most important stakeholders – the cancer patients. Establishing such researcher – cancer patient relationships is mutually beneficial. Through this connection, researchers can gain a deeper understanding of the needs of patients, while at the same time awareness can be raised about the researchers’ needs.

In this session, we will highlight how basic research can benefit from engaging with cancer patients. In an interactive workshop, the Oncode community will learn more about patient engagement and Oncode’s Patient Engagement Programme. You will meet our patient partners, explore each other’s worlds and brainstorm together on how to move cancer research forward. Be prepared to explain your research (briefly) in lay terms.

This workshop will be given by Colette ten Hove, programme manager Oncode Patient Engagement Programme, together with Oncode patient partners Niels Heine (Ten Dijke group/LUMC), Inge Reus (De Visser group/NKI), Corien de Vries (Akkari group/NKI), Hans Gelauff (Zwart group/NKI), and Henk Winkel (Van Rheenen group/NKI).

This workshop will be held in Dutch.

Strategies for maximizing grant funding success

Aligning your grant funding with your career goal is key if you want to maximize grant funding success. In this session we will hear from Clara Elbers (Research Manager, Amsterdam UMC) on:

  • How advanced grant planning helps you reach your research and career goals
  • Efficient proposal writing: learning to focus on what’s most important
  • How to manage your collaborators: tips & tricks for shared grant writing efforts
  • Structuring a realistic work plan and budget

Join us in this session and learn how to formulate a strategy to efficiently plan and craft successful grants!

Moving your innovation forwards: launching Oncode’s Entrepreneurship Series

Take your invention to the next level with Oncode’s Entrepreneurship series

We get it. The idea of entrepreneurship can feel foreign and overwhelming or even too far removed from where you are: in the lab. That’s why we invite you to something new: Oncode’s three-part Entrepreneurship Series. With this we aim to identify the most promising researchers’ inventions and technologies, and help you drive them forward by providing knowledge, tools, and the mentorship and support needed to succeed.

The series launches on July 4th at 14:00, during the Annual Meeting, with a seminar meant to bust key myths around entrepreneurship and provide you with actionable information using concrete examples and case studies. We aim to lead you through key considerations such as ‘problem-solution fit”, novelty, medical need, clinical feasibility and thinking in terms of key differentiating features of your technology. This session will guide you on how to think about your invention from an entrepreneurial perspective, and how to consider aspects others outside academia would examine when evaluating its potential.

The seminar on July 4th marks the launch of the three-part Entrepreneurship Series. The following part II and III of the series will provide a hands-on learning opportunity together with your fellow Oncode Researchers, as well as the chance to test out and pitch your newly acquired approach to presenting novel technologies. Stay tuned, more information will follow shortly!

Scientific committee:

  • Monique den Boer
  • Tineke Lenstra
  • Maarten van Lohuizen

Organizing committee Oncode:

  • Marlinde Smit
  • Mariëlle Harlé
  • Bianca-Olivia Nita
  • Amber Liu
Contact Information
Mariëlle Harlé

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