Masterclass: Technologies and model systems used in genome (in)stability research

Join us at our latest Masterclass!

By Puck Knipscheer (Hubrecht Institute), Susanne Lens (UMC Utrecht) and Sylvie Noordermeer (LUMC)

In this 2.5 hr online masterclass we will focus on (new) technologies used to study genome maintenance pathways. Six experts will present a technique developed, or recently implemented, in their lab and discuss the workflow and additional (potential) applications. Afterwards, the participants can meet the experts in two breakout sessions to discuss how their technology can help their own research.


Speakers Topic
Nannette Jelluma (Kops; Hubrecht Institute) Mouse models to study chromosomal instability
Bas van Steensel (NKI) Double-strand break repair pathway reporter assay
Hugo Snippert (UMC Utrecht) Integrating single-cell sequencing and live-cell imaging
Puck Knipscheer (Hubrecht Institute) DNA repair in Xenopus egg extract
Arnab Ray Chaudhuri (Erasmus MC) Visualization of DNA structures with Electron Microscopy
Erwin Peterman (VU Amsterdam) Combining optical tweezers and fluorescence microscopy to manipulate and visualize single DNA molecules and chromosomes

Practical details

Date: Wednesday September 8, 2021
Time: 9.30 – 12.15 CET
Location: Zoom
Who: The entire CGC/Oncode and non CGC/Oncode research community. If you are an industry representative and want to join this masterclass, please contact Yuva Oz first. Lectures will be given at basic/entry level.


Registration is open until Friday September 3, 17.00 CET. Please register for the event here.

For further details, contact the organizing team.

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