Masterclass: Recent developments in single-cell genomics/epigenomics

In this masterclass, Jop Kind and invited speakers will familiarize you with the field of single-cell genomics/epigenomics and its applications, including a virtual tour of the single cell epigenomics facility. Advances in single-cell technologies are providing unprecedented opportunities to analyse the complexities of biological systems at exceptional resolutions. They provide means to gain a better understanding of diverse processes such as tumorigenesis, gene expression dynamics and tumour heterogeneity.

Invited speakers

Jake Yeung, Alexander van Oudenaarden, Geert Kops, Luca Braccioli, Floris van den Brekel, Miao-Ping Chien and Joost Gribnau.




Jop Kind [Hubrecht Institute]

General overview of the field

Jake Yeung [Van den Oudenaarden; Hubrecht Institute]

computational challenges associated with single-cell technologies

Floris van den Brekel [Van den Oudenaarden; Hubrecht Institute]

Virtual tour presentation of the new Single Cell Core facility

Alexander van Oudernaarden [Hubrecht Institute]

Ribosomal profiling in single cells reveals cell-cycle dependent translational pausing

Geert Kops [Hubrecht Institute]

Studying chromosomal instability using single cell technologies

Luca Braccioli [De Wit; NKI]

Deconvolution of regulatory subtypes in gastruloids by sci-ATACseq

Joost Gribnau [Erasmus MC]

Whole genome cell state tracing of gene and enhancer activity

Miao-Ping Chien [Erasmus MC]

Phenotype-based target cell subtyping and profiling

Practical details

  • Date: Wednesday January 27, 2021
  • Time: 10.00–16.15 hours (CET) (with breaks)
  • Location: ZOOM

Target audience: the entire CGC/Oncode research community. If you are an industry representative and want to join this masterclass, please contact Yuva Oz first. Lectures will be given at basic/entry level.


Registration is open until Monday January 25, 17.00 CET. Please register for the event here.

For further details, contact the organizing team.

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