Masterclass: Nuclear organization in development and disease

By Elzo de Wit (NKI) and Ruud Delwel (ErasmusMC)

The three-dimensional (3D) organization of the genome inside the nucleus plays a crucial role in essential processes such as DNA replication and gene expression. In this masterclass Elzo de Wit and Ruud Delwel have put together a program that reviews contemporary topics in nuclear organization. The speakers will discuss how the 3D genome influences developmental processes and can affect disease progression. There will be a strong focus on genome-wide methods such as (single cell) DamID and Hi-C. In the first part local experts will discuss their experience with these methods and share tips and tricks for data analysis.

In the afternoon, we will have a ‘hands-on’ session, during which the participants will be instructed to analyze Hi-C datasets on their own. Instructors that have developed Hi-C analysis software will be available to answer your questions on an ad hoc basis.

Programme and confirmed speakers

Bas van Steensel (NKI), Jop Kind (Hubrecht Institute), Wouter de Laat (Hubrecht Institute), Ruud Delwel (ErasmusMC), Elzo de Wit (NKI), Robin van der Weide (instructor, group Kind, Hubrecht Institute), Teun van den Brand (instructor, group De Wit, NKI)

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Practical details

  • Date: 17 May 2022 (Tuesday)
  • Time: 9:30 – 17:15 CET
  • Location: Room 3, Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht
  • Who: The entire CGC/Oncode research community. Lectures will be given at basic/entry level.


Registration for this event has been closed.

For further details, contact the organizing team. If you are an industry representative and want to join this masterclass, please contact Yuva Oz first.

Contact Information
Colette ten Hove

Colette ten Hove

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