Annual Scientific Meeting

This is an internal Oncode event only. To register you have to sign in into the community platform.

We are pleased to further inform you about the Oncode CGC Annual Scientific Meeting on 7 and 8 September. We are planning to host a hybrid event: a combination of a live event and a digital event for the whole community. Due to the COVID situation and RIVM regulations, the number of people at the live event will be restricted.

At this meeting, we will bring the community together, live and via online channels, share important scientific updates and discuss new technologies that are available to the Oncode community. We expect an exciting keynote by Vishva Dixit, vice president at Genentech.

Everybody is welcome to join the digital event. For the live event we have limited space available in the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam. We would like to accommodate everybody as much as possible, but space per day is limited to 200 people, so make sure you register soon. If you register for the live event you can register to attend one day. Online we have unlimited capacity but also for online attendance you need to register.

The scientific committee
Ruud Delwel Oncode Investigator
Laura Heitman Oncode Investigator
Hugo Snippert Oncode Investigator
Karin de Visser Oncode Investigator
Oncode organizing committee
Yuva Oz

Yuva Oz

Business Development

Over 17 years of experience in Molecular Biology, Yuva completed her MSc. degree at EMBL Heidelberg and conducted her PhD research on the topic of Chromatin and Biomedical Genetics at Hubrecht Institute as a Marie-Curie fellow. Interested in clinical aspects of the research, she joined to oncology specialized clinical research organization SMS-oncology, gaining experience both in clinical trial management (early phase paediatric and adult trials) and Business Development aspects. At Oncode, she is driving the industry engagement programme to enable new alliances and collaborations between Oncode and biopharma to fast-forward research and innovation. Furthermore, working closely with Oncode Investigators, she supports technology, clinical and IP assessments for efficiently translating fundamental research into clinical benefit. She is the founder and designer at Art 4 Science, a scientific visualization – graphic design company.

Business Development
Ester Frische

Ester Frische

Research Manager

Ester is a biomedical scientist by training with experience in both an academic and a biotech environment. She obtained her PhD in the lab of Hans Bos at the UMC Utrecht. She studied signalling routes in cancer biology and continued this line of research at Galapagos in Leiden. In 2010 Ester moved into scientific project management and is managing director of since 2015. She has been involved with Oncode Institute since its early days and supported the founders in developing the scientific strategy. In her current role as Programme Manager, Ester supports the Scientific Director and Research Management Committee and is responsible for all programmes directly related to supporting research and the link to the clinic. This includes managing dedicated funds for clinical proof of concept projects and large equipment and technology applications.

Research Manager
Mariëlle Harlé Meeting & Event Coordinator
Elize Brolsma

Elize Brolsma

Project Communication Manager

Elize is part of Oncode’s communication team. She has over 10 years of experience in the com-munication industry, both for commercial and non-profit organisations. After obtaining her bache-lor and master degree in communication at Utrecht University, Elize worked as a communication professional at a research institute, PR agency, law firm and internet company. She has a strong focus on external communications and Public Relations. At Oncode - together with her colleagues - Elize produces the monthly newsletters for Oncode Investigators & Researchers and the Oncode digital magazine. She publishes content for the Oncode website and is responsible for all social media channels. She enjoys discussing science with researchers and support them in their outreach.

Project Communication Manager


Please find the programme here.

Lab Videos

Since last year’s lab booth marketplace was a huge success, this year we’d like to give all labs the opportunity to present their lab and work to the rest of the community. We would like to invite you to make a 2-minute lab video for the Online Lab Video challenge. The goal for these videos is that you show your lab, its members and your unique field of expertise in a fun way. The best video will receive a group award.


Make the video with your smart phone in landscape format.

Create a 2-minute overview of your lab activities /colleagues / or anything you like to share with the full Oncode community so everyone gets a chance to know you better. We will post these video’s as YouTube links, accessible via a link during and after the event

Science Art Prize

Science doesn’t just bring forward important findings, it also creates exciting images. Many of you develop beautiful images of all kinds in your labs, which unfortunately aren’t seen by many. In order to give visibility to the beauty of science, Oncode Institute teamed up with Frank Bos, Yuva Oz and Joost Bakker. Frank Bos is a researcher in the lab of OncodeInvestigator Anne Rios. Together with Arnout Schepers, he founded pArt of Science, a company that organizes Art competitions and prints microscopy photos professionally. Yuva Oz is a business developer at Oncode Institute and also owner of Art 4 Science. Joost Bakker co-developed a module for Master students who want to improve their skills in science visualization, called Science Vision. This module is part of TU Delfts’ unique Master’s programme Science Education and Communication. Joost is also the owner of Scicomvisuals.

Oncode, pArt of Science, Art 4 Science and Scicomvisuals are now organising the first annual Art and Science Award as part of the Annual Scientific Meeting.

The jury will decide on the 1st (1.000 euro), 2nd (750 euro) and 3rd (500 euro) prize, which will be awarded during the Annual Scientific Meeting. There will also be a prize for the public vote winner.


For more information, please contact Mariëlle Harlé.

Mariëlle Harlé Meeting & Event Coordinator

About the location

The Van Nelle Fabriek can be reached via public transportation. Bus 38 from the central station has a stop on a short walking distance. Alternatively, it is a 12-minute bike ride with an OV Bike from the Central station. Parking spots are also available.

The program will accommodate most people to be able to commute. We will not provide hotel accommodation but please find here a list of affordable hotels in Rotterdam provided by Erasmus.

Van Nelle Fabriek
Van Nelleweg 1
3044 BC Rotterdam

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