Advanced workshop: Preclinical tumor immune models for therapeutic discovery and validation

By Linde Meyaard (UMCU) and Daniel Peeper (NKI)

Oncode’s efforts include identifying novel therapeutic targets and treatment opportunities, as well as developing strategies to select patients for individualized therapies.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for developing and optimizing the corresponding experimental and preclinical models that allow for clinical translation.

In this workshop, we will focus on immuno-oncology (IO), given its increasing role in current clinical cancer practice. The goal of this workshop is to exchange knowledge of used models and techniques and discuss their suitability, challenges and optimization for identifying, characterizing and testing of new IO targets and therapeutics. The meeting also serves to encourage and facilitate collaborations and to identify and support those platforms that are of use to the Oncode community and beyond.

There will be four sessions on the following topics: (1) Tumor organoids and immune cell co-cultures (2) Patient-derived tumor fragments & immune interactions, (2) Mouse IO models and (3) Function-based IO screening models. Besides short presentations, we will also organize informal ‘meet the expert’ sessions in which speakers and participants can interact, share tips and tricks, and start collaborations.

Presentations will be given by junior scientists who have hands-on experience with the models and techniques.

PI attendance is highly encouraged.


Confirmed speakers include: Vivien Veninga (Voest lab), Sangho Lim (Clevers lab), Florijn Dekkers (Rios lab), Paulien Kaptein (Thommen lab/NKI), Wouter Scheper (Haanenlab/NKI), Ines Pascoal Martins Ramos (Meyaard lab), Nadine Pronk-van Montfoort (Van den Burg lab), Lorenzo Spagnuolo (De Visser lab), Branka Popovic (Wolkers lab), Claire Vennin (Van Rheenen lab), Georgi Apriamashvili (Peeper lab), Esmee Hoefstmit (Blank (NKI)/Peeper lab).


You can view the programme here.

Practical details

  • Date: Friday 1 July 2022
  • Time: 9:00 - 17:00 CET
  • Location: Auditorium, NKI Amsterdam
  • Who: The entire CGC/Oncode research community


You can register for this event on our community platform.

For further details, contact the organizing team.

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