Our valorization support team

Meet our experienced team of business developers who take an integrated approach to valorization.

The Valorization Support Team consists of eleven members and will be guided by the Valorization Advisory Board. Team members contribute their extensive expertise in business development, new company creation, intellectual property, large public funding programmes, international collaborative research, knowledge transfer and communications.

To supplement the team’s direct skills in areas such as law, taxation and regulatory affairs, Oncode has taken onboard several external experts to bring in unique expertise as required. Strong interpersonal and communications skills, demonstrated networking capabilities, the ability to build effective relationships, creativity, persistence and a clear understanding of the academic, clinical and business environments is essential to our success. Read more about our approach.

The Valorization Support Team is led by Chris de Jonghe, the Valorization Director, and consists of the following members:

Koen Verhoef Technology Development Fund Manager
Emil Pot Business Development
Ian Bell Business Development
Veerle Fleskens Business Development
Mariëlle Veldhuizen Paralegal
Yuva Oz Business Development
Shobhit Dhawan Fund Manager
Alexander Turkin Business Development
Amber Liu Business Development
Chris De Jonghe Valorization Director
Saharla Ahmed Business Development