Research & Community support team

Oncode has a team of dedicated professionals in place to organize the collaborative effort of 62 oncology research groups accross The Netherlands.

The general support team works in the fields of science policy and culture, people and development, communications and collaboration, and finance and operations to help Oncode to fulfil its mission. The team consists of the following people:

Alexander Duyndam Communications Manager
Cora Koehorst Office Manager
Denis Groot Controller
Elize Brolsma Project Communication Manager
Ester Frische Head Research and Community support
Tale Sliedrecht Head of Strategy
Emanuela Lonardi Programme Coordinator
Marlinde Smit Programme Manager
Jacqueline Staring Programme Manager
Inga Tharun Programme Manager
Colette ten Hove Programme Manager
Tracey Faase Financial Controller
Vesna de Jong Digital Communications Manager
Mariëlle Harlé Meeting & Event Coordinator
Bianca-Olivia Nita Project Communication Manager
Manouche Hetzler HR

Oncode creates, delivers and supports its programmes in partnership with Lygature. Lygature is a not-for-profit organization that drives the development of new medical solutions for patients by managing partnerships in life sciences initiatives.

Oncode Institute and Lygature work as partners to support excellent research