Oncode Investigator Review Procedure

Oncode Institute has opened a call for applications for new Oncode Investigators. Oncode is seeking excellent researchers to expand across all scientific themes and will consider all expertise that can complement and strengthen the current Oncode research community. Oncode is particularly keen to strengthen its activities in the areas of tumour immunology, chemical biology and medicinal chemistry and encourages scientists in these research fields to apply for the position of Oncode Investigator.

Oncode expects a great number of applicants for these open Oncode positions. To ensure that the best fitting investigators will be selected, Oncode has set up a selection procedure in which the Oncode Selection Committee will be aided in their selection by multiple independent international reviewers. The Oncode Selection Committee itself consists of representatives from a wide range of Oncode partner institutes (see below for details). The independent international delegation consists of the members of the Oncode International Advisory Board as well as selected renowned experts in the field of oncology research.

The selection process:

Phase 1:

To ensure a thorough and efficient selection of the large number of expected applicants, the first phase divides applications among the Selection Committee (see below for composition) in a way that each application will be seen by three Committee members, taking into account potential conflicts of interest. Applicants will be scored on pre-selected criteria (see below). The selected candidates (~50) will progress towards phase 2 of the selection process

Phase 2:

All selected applicants from phase 1 will be thoroughly reviewed by all members of the Selection Committee and scored on the pre-defined selection criteria. The Selection Committee will then collectively decide which candidates will proceed to Phase 3 of the selection process. The expected number of invited candidates will be 20 – 25, comprising at least 10 Junior and 10 Senior Investigator applicants.

Phase 3:

A) Each member of the International Advisory Board (IAB) will review all invited applicants and score them on the pre-defined criteria.

B) The 20-25 applicants selected during phase 2 will be invited for an interview in the 2nd week of January. Candidates are expected to be present during the interviews, to be eligible. For the interviews, a panel will be composed consisting of the Selection Committee assisted by multiple independent international experts in the field of oncology research. The candidates will be given the opportunity to present themselves and to answer questions from the interview panel and comment on remarks submitted in writing by the IAB.

The interview panel will select up to a total of 11 junior and senior candidates for the open positions based on the interviews as well as the reviews from the IAB. Junior:Senior ratio is expected to be roughly equal, but may deviate depending on final assessments.

Selection criteria

Applicants will be scored on the following selection criteria:

  • Past accomplishments (including a.o. narrative on major scientific contributions, funding)
  • Fit within Oncode (including a.o. unique contribution, synergy with Oncode themes, collaborations and valorization/translation efforts).
  • Future plans
  • Independence (for junior investigators only)

Conflicts of interest

The following situations are viewed as conflict of interest:

  • Reviewer and applicant work at the same institute
  • Reviewer and applicant work on a joint research project
  • Reviewer and applicant have past professional ties, e.g. supervisor
  • Personal reasons (e.g. relationship, family ties, etc)

For more details, please see the full Oncode conflict of interest policy.

Selection committee

Thijn Brummelkamp (NKI-AVL), Ruud Delwel (Erasmus MC), Karin de Visser (NKI-AVL), Carl Figdor (Radboud UMC for Phase 1 and 2), Geert Kops (Hubrecht Institute), Leendert Looijenga (Princes Máxima Center, external reviewer), Madelon Maurice (UMC Utrecht), Jan Paul Medema (Amsterdam UMC) and Michiel Vermeulen (Radboud University, Phase 3)

The Selection Committee will be supported by the following experts:

Phase 1: Joost Gribnau (Erasmus MC), Puck Knipscheer (Hubrecht Institute), Susanne Lens (UMC Utrecht), Huib Ovaa (LUMC), Lodewyk Wessels (NKI-AVL)

Phase 3A: The Oncode International Advisory Board consists of Vishva Dixit (Genentech), Stan Kaye (The Institute of Cancer Research), David Livingston (Dana-Farber Institute), Richard Marais (Paterson Institute and CRUK), Laura van 't Veer (UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center), Karen Vousden (Francis Crick Institute), Teri Willey (‎Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)

Phase 3B: the following independent international reviewers will be present during the interviews: Robert Benezra (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center), Karen Vousden (Francis Crick Institute), others to be announced later.

Expected timelines:

  • Results Phase I: December 11th
  • Results Phase II: December 24th
  • Interviews seniors candidates: January 14th
  • Interviews Junior candidates: January 16th
  • Results Phase III: January 25th

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