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"Uniting top scientists in a world-class institute will enable us to bring treatments to patients better and faster."

KWF Kankerbestrijding (the Dutch Cancer Society) supports Oncode Institute

Cancer affects us all

One in every three people is affected by cancer. Every year, the disease kills 45,000 people in the Netherlands. Thanks to scientific research, we know a lot about cancer, and patients’ chances of survival have greatly increased. And yet we still don’t know enough to be able to help everyone.

The Dutch Cancer Society: catalyst and instigator

KWF Kankerbestrijding (the Dutch Cancer Society) is determined to defeat cancer as quickly as possible. Our ideal is a world in which no one dies of this disease. We therefore raise funds and use them to finance and supervise cancer research. We believe strongly in a multidisciplinary approach that actively translates scientific breakthroughs into tangible products for patients. That’s why we’re supporting Oncode Institute. This elite world-class institute will bring together the very best Dutch and foreign researchers. Only trough collaboration can we outsmart cancer.

Outsmarting cancer together

You too can get involved in Oncode Institute at the beginning. The Dutch Cancer Society invites you to join us as a founding donor and help to step up the fight against cancer. Would you or your foundation like to contribute to this pioneering institute by sharing your experience, knowledge, network and/or funding? Then we’d like to talk to you. We gladly meet with you to discuss possibilities together with one of Oncode Institute’s founding scientists. Contact us via

For patients and families

Oncode Institute aims to improve quality of life for patients. Our researchers study how cancer starts, grows and spreads, down to the microscopic details. Their insights should ultimately lead to earlier detection, improved diagnosis and better and more affordable treatments. Although we are working as hard as we can to speed up this process, the reality is that it may take many years of testing and development before a scientific breakthrough can be translated into a new treatment that benefits patients.

Your physician is the best person to talk to about currently available treatment plans. If you have questions about Oncode Institute, please contact our partner KWF Kankerbestrijding (the Dutch Cancer Society).

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