Founding Principles

Oncode is an independent institute dedicated to outsmarting cancer and impacting lives.

Outsmarting cancer,
impacting lives

The collection of diseases we call cancer afflicts an alarming number of people, making it a leading cause of death worldwide. There’s a tremendous need to develop new knowledge and methods to outsmart these diseases. Oncode is an independent institute dedicated to understanding cancer and translating research into practice more efficiently. Oncode, starting from a deeper understanding of the basics of cancer, works to come up with better treatments and improved diagnostics. This will take time. Only a coordinated and sustained effort will bring us closer to our goal: helping more patients survive, improving the quality of life for those afflicted, and ultimately curing cancer.

United against
a divisive enemy

Effective cancer research is unthinkable without collaboration. The field is immense and new developments are occurring all the time, so partnerships are key – whether internal, external or interdisciplinary. That’s why Oncode brings together top researchers and joins forces with leading public and private partners. Its aim? To foster a culture of sharing knowledge among teams that are embedded at partner institutions, thus strengthening cancer research communities in the Netherlands and around the world.

High standards,
greater impact

Oncode presents a new model for excellence in science, inspired by international best practices and founded on the insights of leading oncology experts and the needs of society. In every aspect of its operation – from fundamental research to developing technologies to the teams of professionals it attracts – the Institute actively aims high. Oncode provides exceptional resources, helping accomplished scientists and top talents come together under the best possible conditions.

Building a
knowledge network,
not a building

Oncode builds on the vast body of existing cancer research. Selected research teams will continue to work at Partner Institutions. No new building will be constructed, because Oncode operates as a virtual institute, creating a digital platform for collaboration and debate. This innovative approach, in addition to saving time, keeps the Institute’s environmental footprint as light as possible.

Molecular research
as the foundation

Providing each patient with the best possible care requires a fundamental understanding of cancer. True innovation in treatments relies on new insight into the basic mechanisms of cancer development. That’s why the Institute focuses on molecular oncology. Oncode is aware it will take many small steps before a significant leap can be made. A personalized approach is the most promising for eliciting scientific breakthroughs.

Translating research
into clinical practice

If fundamental research is one side of the coin, clinical research is the other. Oncode connects its research activities with the best clinical capabilities available, thereby maximizing the relevance of research questions. This accelerates the development of applications that benefit patients. Oncode provides the funding and the tools to transfer technologies, enabling them to reach the marketplace effectively and affordably. A specialized team focused on transforming research results into real-world advances works to build an enterprise, establishing value and creating manifold partnerships.

Stories open up science

The institute shares new insight and developments with donors and funders, the scientific community and the public at large. Learning from patient stories and openly sharing its progress and findings through the scientific world and beyond, Oncode aims to promote science in a new way – one that is transparent and inspirational.

Today’s wisdom
fosters future talent

Oncode aims to inspire a constant flow of knowledge to a new generation of scientists. The institute grows by having a healthy influx of talented young researchers. The aim is to be diverse, welcoming talent of all backgrounds. Programmes are in place, offering career support and leadership courses to promising new faces. Together, we are advancing the field of oncology in the Netherlands and abroad.

Committed to learning,
adapting to change

Oncode learns from its successes and setbacks. Research teams are evaluated not only on scientific excellence but on practical applications and collaboration performance as well. Programmes that do not deliver in this regard will make way for the most effective projects. Oncode keeps adapting to a rapidly changing field – and ensures it grows in the most encouraging direction.