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On hair balls, ink pads, and folds
On hair balls, ink pads, and folds
Neatly rolled up in a cell nucleus of only a hundredth of a millimetre in size, our genome consists of approximately two metres of DNA spread over 46 chromosomes. Three Oncode Investigators explain why they are fascinated by the spatial organization of this tiny ball of thread.
Lindavan den Berg
Open call for applications
Open call for applications
Oncode Institute has opened a call for applications for our Female Junior Investigator Programme. Up to eight excellent young females will receive base funding untill 2022 to boost their scientific careers.
Geert Kops appointed as Scientific Director
Geert Kops appointed as Scientific Director
Starting June 2018, professor Geert Kops will be Chief Scientific Officer of Oncode. In that role he is responsible for the overall research strategy and its proper execution.
The benefits of unrestricted grants
The benefits of unrestricted grants
What if researchers were given money along with the freedom to work as they wished, without the red tape?
Hidde Boersma

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